Doggy Day Camp

Canines that are accepted into our daycare program spend their days exploring, mingling, playing and lounging at our in/out door climate controlled enrichment center in Anderson, South Carolina!

Instead of sending dogs home exhausted, high strung or stressed out: because we keep the volume of dogs low, and practice proper etiquette; our campers go home stress free, mentally fulfilled and relaxed.

  • we have no employees, and we are family owned and operated
  • our staff of trainers pair a few compatible campers to have some fun in a cozy, social, calm and enriching setting
  • we have various outdoor play zones that’s set up for adventure and fun
  • our indoor lounge room is perfect for cooling off while watching some TV and enjoying some tasty snacks
  • our private and cozy cabins are perfect for intermittent naps and downtime throughout the day
  • we have monitored alarms, sensors and cameras for extra protection
  • convenient curbside drop off and pick up service

New Comers

Once we receive a completed online registration form, we will schedule a free fifteen minute meet and greet with you and your dog allowing time for parents and their dog(s) to come, sniff around and meet our staff.

If together, we find that we are a good match; we will transition your meet and greet visit into an intro daycare stay were you will leave your dog for a few hours or for the rest of the day.

Dogs must:

  • be friendly natured towards other dogs and people
  • be responsive to staff

Our daycare programs are not a good fit for dogs that display:

  • aggression and or bullies other dogs or people
  • hyper-activity, reactivity or anxiety: has a hard time settling down inside or outside
  • escaping behaviors- digs at, climbs or jumps over any fencing or crate doors
  • seperation or confinement anxiety (must be able to quickly settle into a confined setting like a crate for intermittent downtime)

If your dog displays any of these behaviors, please contact our trainers who are happy to schedule private lessons to teach you our methods that help your dog learn to cope, decompress and to relax.

Daycare with Etiquette:

Stay and Play All Inclusive Calming and Etiquette Camp: good manners, stop jumping, mouthing and to wait at doors and gates

Pay as you go:

  • $45.00 Full Days Stay and Play with Social Etiquette
  • $30.00 Half Days Stay and Play with Social Etiquette


  • $215.00 Five Full Days Stay and Play with Social Etiquette
  • $400.00 Ten Full Days Stay and Play with Social Etiquette

If your dog could use some obedience training:

  • $25.00 Add-on Obedience Training Lessons

Includes training for: walking on a loose leash, sit, down, stay and recall

Drop Off and Pick-up Days and Times:

  • Monday- Friday 7:30am-11:30am and 3:00pm-6:00pm

Ready to get started?

Click Register Now and complete our online forms and we will schedule your first visit to Camp Miracle Paws.





Vaccinations, Health and Prevention

Just like with kids- our staff highly recommends that dog parents consider purchasing a pet health insurance policy that will cover things that are related to the dogs overal health and well being.

  • We must receive a current vaccinations for DHLPP, Bordatella and Rabies PRIOR to your dog’s arrival, pictures can be texted to 864-314-1804 or your vet can email us a copy to
  • Dogs must be on flea and tick preventives
  • If your dog is on medication, please place the medication in a zip lock bag and write the dogs name, condition being treated and dosing information on the bag. Please call us if your dog has special needs care
  • We cannot accept dogs that are sick including diarrhea or skin rashes that are contagious, pregnant, in-heat, or that has had recent surgery, there are times that we might require a letter of clearance from your veterinarian.
  • We can accept some in-tact males, please call with details about your dog and for availaility information

We are not responsible for lost or destroyed items.