Puppy Right-Start Training Lessons

Anderson Puppy Etiquette, Enrichment and Relaxation Training 

Start your puppy off on the right paw!

Private lessons are perfect for those that do best in a less stimulating environment. Experiences during this time set the stage for the rest of your puppy’s life.

Did you know that the best time to start training and socializing your puppy under five months of age? Prepare your puppy for a lifetime at your side by starting lessons and or a puppy preschool class.

Camp Miracle Paws offers customized puppy right training programs that cater to each pup’s unique needs. The training services include a wide range of job skills and behaviors, such as:

  • Name and Recall: Teaching puppies to come when called, even in distracting environments, using positive reinforcement is an important potentially life saving skill to accomplish.
  • Crate and Potty Training: Our positive based methods teach puppies that crates are no different than cribs and where to go to do their business.
  • Nipping, Biting and Jumping: Typical puppy traits that are misunderstood. We help parents learn how to properly manage their puppies through this frustrating phase.
  • Basic Jobs: Rewards based positive reinforcement techniques to teach essential jobs for puppies to learn how to naturally offer good behaviors such as sit, stay, down, wait, and leave-it.
  • Enrichment: Our focus on puppy enrichment involves engaging and rewarding activities that stimulate your dog’s senses, allowing them to learn new skills and gain confidence.
  • Real World Exposure: Lessons are conducted at our McGee Rd training center, when applicable and weather permitting, some lessons can be conducted in a pet friendly public environment such as the Anderson Civic Center Pond, Lowes and Downtown Anderson

Program Options and Fee’s:

All package programs include in-depth online video tutorials that mimic classroom lessons, access to our private Facebook group and easy to follow training journals that are designed to set all students up for the best short and long term success!

McGee Rd Training Center Program Fee’s:

  • 3 Pack: One 1.5 Hour, One 1 Hour and One Half Hour Private Training Lessons: $290.00
  • 5 Pack: One 1.5 Hour and Two 1 Hour and Two Half Hour Private Training Lessons: $525.00

In-Home Private Lesson Fee’s:

  • 3 Pack: One 1.5 Hour, One 1 Hour and One 45 Minute Private Training Lessons: $625.00
  • Includes travel time that’s within 15 minutes of our 237 McGee Rd training center. Extra fee’s apply for extended travel times

We accept cash or checks made payable to Camp Miracle Paws. Credit cards are accepted with an additional 4% convenience fee.

Discounted Extra Options!!

  • Add five full social daycare play dates for $175.00
  • Add leash and recall training lessons to daycare playdates:  $35.00 each
  • Add five group classes for $ $185.00


Puppies must have lived with parents for at least 10 days prior to attending classes, be healthy, have a vet check and proof of at least two series of Parvo vaccines to participate in pre-school classes.

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