Training Both Ends Of The Leash

Anderson Dog Obedience Training, Behavior Modification & Enrichment

We help furry companions become an improved version of themselves

In Anderson, our team of dog training consultants share our reward-based methods to families and their dogs that shape instinctive lifestyle skills and behaviors to dogs.

Offering individual private training lessons and training school programs that blend obedience, enrichment and behavior modification that cultivates a well-rounded, sociable dog that families can be proud to take anywhere.

Discover the benefits of dog training at Camp Miracle Paws:

  • Personalized Private Instruction: Our obedience training and behavior modification methods are customized to address the specific needs and goals of each dog. Our camp trainers provide proven guidance with dog’s and their parents that aims to target behavioral issues while blending obedience oriented skills ensuring that each dog receives the personalized attention that’s necessary for their short and long term success.
  • Training School: Our camp trainers partner up with dog parents to refine their canine’s etiquette skills. Our focus on canine socialization and enrichment involves engaging and rewarding activities that stimulate your dog’s senses, allowing them to learn new self awareness skills and gain confidence in multiple settings.
  • Promoting Exceptional Canine Etiquette: Lifestyle oriented training methods sets the foundation for responsible behavior without much owner intervention. We promote positive structured routines in your dog, shaping them into well-rounded canines that will be capable of confidently navigating social situations in multiple environments.

Custom Designed Dog Training Programs

Puppy Right-Start Program

New puppy parents enjoy learning how to:

  • make learning for their new puppies fun and effective
  • properly socialize and expose their new pups to real world situations
  • promote self thinkers and naturally offer desirable behaviors
  • potty, crate training, good nutrition & grooming habits
  • play biting, jumping & loose leash walking
  • build a solid recall, leave it and how to be a good listener
  • Introduction to our Ultimate Chill methods
  • AKC Puppy Star Certification available

Etiquette, Obedience and Chillin Canine Program

Canine parents learn how to teach their furry companions how to:

  • have a strong recall | stop, come to you, sit and lay down
  • walk on a loose leash | off leash
  • wait at doors and gates
  • stop jumping on people, counter surfing and digging
  • lay down and chill out as auto go to behavior
  • AKC CGC Certification available

Behavioral Modification | For Canines With Moderate to Severe Hyper Arousal, Anxiety or Reactivity

We know how heart wrenching and frustrating these behaviors can be not only for the families, but also for the dog that doesn’t understand that relaxing feels so much better! Our trainers show dog parents how to properly communicate with their stressed dogs by blending our etiquette, obedience and chillin canine methods into their everyday lifestyles. Behavior changes happen rather quickly once parents learn what, when, where and how to utilize our chillin canine methods! Give us a call at 864-314-1804 if your dog is reactive towards humans.

Program Options and Fee’s:

All package programs include in-depth online video tutorials that mimic classroom lessons, access to our private Facebook group and easy to follow training journals that are designed to set all students up for the best short and long term success!

McGee Rd Training Center Program Fee’s:

  • 3 Pack: One 1.5 Hour, One 1 Hour and One Half Hour Private Training Lessons: $290.00
  • 5 Pack: One 1.5 Hour and Two 1 Hour and Two Half Hour Private Training Lessons: $525.00

In-Home Private Lesson Fee’s:

  • 3 Pack: One 1.5 Hour, One 1 Hour and One 45 Minute Private Training Lessons: $525.00

Includes travel time that’s within 15 minutes of our 237 McGee Rd training center. Extra fee’s apply for extended travel times.

Discounted Extra Options!!

  • Add five full social daycare play dates for $175.00
  • Add leash and recall training lessons to daycare playdates:  $35.00 each
  • Add five group classes for $ $185.00

Ready to get started?

Prior to attending classes:

  • For the safety of all canine students- We require all puppies to have at a minimum of two series of parvo vaccines, and a vet check. And, all dogs must be healthy and up to date with their vaccines.
  • All canine students must have lived with their caretakers for at least two weeks prior to attending lessons. This allows time for your new canine to decompress and get to know you and his new surroundings. This time also helps assure that your new dog is healthy and non-contagious.
  • Click Register Now below to complete our on-line training forms and we will send you emails and text appointment confirmations.

If you have any questions or if your dog is protective or has lunged at or bit any humans, please give us a call to provide details to help assure that CMP is the best fit for your team.(864) 314-1804