Training Both Ends Of The Leash

Our simplified training methods help canine parents learn how to provide the best learning experience for puppies, adolescent or adult dogs to become calm and relaxed dogs that can go most anywhere.

And, our simple to do lifestyle methods are proven to help reactive, anxious, hyper and over stimulated dogs to relax at home and in new situations.

Dog obedience training programs:

  • fixes behavioral problems instead of managing on-going long term issues
  • easy to do lifestyle methods vs old traditional dog training
  • puppy 101 | potty, crate, play biting, jumping, proper social/exposure tips, ect
  • recall | come when called in and outdoor, with and without distractions
  • leash etiquette; walk on a loose leash | off leash | heeling
  • place work | behavioral downs | relax and do nothing
  • to stop jumping, mouthing, leave it and to wait at exit doors
  • field trips that include meeting at places like downtown Anderson
  • adventure trips to the dam, camp grounds, hiking, swimming
  • scent games that include identification of target odors in/outdoors
  • tricks and agility for fun

We offer pay as you go and package programs that include private lessons, workshops, field trips and group classes.

Our trainers are AKC Certified trainers and evaluators for Puppy S.T.A.R., CGC, Community and Urban Canine through the AKC- American Kennel Club.

Our trainers can also assist owners to prepare their dog to pass AKC Therapy dog testing standards that are performed and certified by one of several local non-biased, non-affiliated/non-profit organizations.


Program Fee’s:

Pay as you go:

  • One hour private training lessons: 75.00
  • 1.5 Hour Private Lesson for High Drive, Anxious or Reactive Dogs: 95.00

Package Program Options: 

  • 1 One Hour and 4 Half Hour Private Lessons: $280.00
  • Two 1 Hour Private Lessons, Five Follow-up Half Hour Lessons, Plus Training Equipment & Video Tutorials $495.00

Additional Considerations

  • Equipment may include: leashes, collars, specialty collars, cot, long line, vest, harness, tethers, scent supplies, treat bag, ect: $30.00 – $375.00
  • Video training tutorials: $65.00 – $125.00

Got Questions? Call or message us: 864-314-1804

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Phone | FaceTime | Skype Consults

Can’t meet face to face? No worries! We can provide scheduled phone and or realtime training using Facetime or Skype to help with behavioral issues or to help train a new task.

Fee’s: 65.00 per session

Please call us at 864-314-1804 with questions and to set up your first evaluation/training session with one of our trainers.