Training Both Ends Of The Leash

Canine’s of all ages and behaviors benefit by participating in our customized life altering chillin canine three and five package programs! Our trainers blend relaxation, etiquette and obedience into every lesson and both package programs offer online video tutorials and training journals that is designed to set all students up for the best short and long term success!

Chillin Canine Programs


Right Start Puppy Raising Program:

New puppy parents enjoy learning how to:

  • make learning for their new puppies fun and effective
  • properly socialize and expose their new pups to real world situations
  • promote self thinkers and naturally offer desirable behaviors
  • potty, crate training, good nutrition & grooming habits
  • play biting, jumping & loose leash walking
  • build a solid recall, leave it and how to be a good listener
  • Eligible for 3 and 5 lesson packages

Etiquette, Obedience and Chillin Canine Program:

Canine parents learn how to teach their furry companions how to:

  • have a strong recall | stop, come to you, sit and lay down
  • walk on a loose leash | off leash
  • wait at doors and gates
  • stop jumping on people, counter surfing and digging
  • lay down and chill out as auto go to behavior
  • Eligible for 3 and 5 lesson packages


Chillin Canine Program For Reactive, Anxious &/Or Hyper Aroused Dogs:

Do you have a dog that suffers from anxiety, hyper arousal or reactivity?

We know how heart wrenching and frustrating this can be not only for the families, but also for the dog that has these undesirable auto go-to behaviors! Our trainers show dog parents how to easily blend our etiquette, obedience and chillin canine methods into their everyday lifestyles that will forever change the life of the dog! Behavior changes come on rather quickly once parents learn what, when, where and how to our chillin canine methods! Lessons are held at our McGee Rd training center and in pet friendly public places.

Eligible for five pack lesson packages only

Program Fee’s and Features

3 Pack Chillin Canine Program Fee’s and Features:

  • 3 Pack: One 1.5 Hour, One 1 Hour and One Half Hour Private Training Lessons: $290.00

3 Pack Program Features:

  • Private and focused time that will help you learn how to achieve positive results by making a few simple lifestyle changes
  • A trainer will customize a simplified chillin canine program that blends etiquette and obedience training for your team
  • Access to our Camp Miracle Paws Chillin Canine’s private Facebook group for additional group training support
  • Our methods help create confident and relaxed self thinkers that can successfully cope in most any environment
  • Daily training journal provides gentle reminders and consistency
  • On-line in-depth video tutorials provide 24/7 guidance that mimics up our classroom and public training lessons
  • We encourage teams to proactively message, call or send videos and a trainer will send you customized training tips
  • 3 Pack Lessons are conducted at our training center

5 Pack Chillin Canine Program Fee’s and Features:

  • 5 Pack: One 1.5 Hour, Two 1 Hour and Two Half Hour Private Training Lessons: $525.00

In addition to the 3 pack features, our 5 pack also Includes:

  • Flexible half hour combo scheduling options available allowing teams to take extra time with a trainer during the lessons
  • Flexible scheduling available allowing teams to take extra time in between lessons to allow extra practice time
  • 5 Pack Lessons are conducted at our training center and in pet friendly public places

On-Line Courses are available!

Call 864-314-1804 for details!

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If your dog is protective or has lunged at or bit any humans, please give us a call to provide details to help assure that CMP is the best fit for your team.(864) 314-1804