Private Facility Dog Obedience Training Classes

Our training center classes are for those that prefer a more private setting in an atmosphere were the dog and their parents can learn at their own pace and feel comfortable.

Our training center private training sessions will help dogs and their parents learn to do things like how to walk on a loose leash/off leash walking, to come when called, separation anxiety, crate training and how to just chill out!

After each session, we also provide parents with additional videos, tutorials and follow-up support.

  • One hour session at our training facility: 65.00
  • Three 1 hour sessions weekly, bi-weekly or monthly training sessions: 160.00
  • Five 1 hour weekly, bi-weekly or monthly in-home training sessions 250.00

Please know that Camp Miracle Paws is not a good fit for dogs that have any aggression or guarding behaviors with humans.

Call us with any questions or concerns and to schedule your first in-home evaluation/training session at 864-314-1804