Private Owner & Dog Training Lessons

Our training techniques are designed to close the communication gap between dogs and their humans. Our experienced trainers partner up with dog owners to help their dogs learn to do things like;

  • recall | come when called with and without distractions
  • walk on a loose leash | off leash | heeling
  • place work | behavioral downs | relax and do nothing
  • to stop jumping, mouthing, leave it and to wait at exit doors
  • adventure dogs | camping, boating, hiking, ect
  • scent detection
  • therapy dogs, hearing alert, ptsd, mobility

We offer scheduled pay as you go and package programs that include private lessons, workshops and group classes. And for those that could use some extra help, we also offer boarding and daycare with training programs.

Our trainers are also AKC Certified trainers and evaluators for Puppy S.T.A.R., CGC, Community and Urban Canine through the American Kennel Club.

The more time that you spend training with your dog now, the less on-going maintenance training will be required long term.

Private Lessons for Dogs and their Owners

Our private lessons are perfect for those that prefer a focused and quiet atmosphere that allow their team to learn at their own pace. Our trainers will design a training program for the best learning experience for dogs and their owners.

Program Fee’s:

  • Pay as you go training lessons: $75.00

Package Program Option Not including Training Equipment:

  • 4- Private Training Lessons: $280.00 | $70.00 each
  • 4- Private Training Lessons and 4-Group Classes: $380.00

Specialty Training Programs Including Training Equipment:

  • Varies- Please set up a private lesson and we will design a program around you and your dog!

Additional Considerations

  • Equipment may include: specialty collars, cot, long line, vest, harness, tethers, scent supplies, treat bag, ect: $30.00 – $375.00
  • Video training tutorials: $65.00 – $125.00

Certain training programs have a lesson/fee minimum requirement and will be discussed at the consult

  • Got Questions? Ready to Schedule a Lesson? You Can Click the Bone Below, Call or Text: 864-314-1804


Phone | FaceTime | Skype Consults

Can’t meet face to face? No worries! We can provide scheduled phone and or realtime training using Facetime or Skype to help with behavioral issues or to help train a new task.

Fee’s: 30.00 per half hour

Please call us at 864-314-1804 with questions and to set up your first evaluation/training session with one of our trainers.