Private Dog Park

Sniff and Play

Offering a private dog park paradise for dog’s and the people who love them!

Once your team goes through a pre-registration and screening process, you and your dog can come sniff around and take a walk around our looping walking path, play some fetch in our side yard or wind and weave your way though a variety of adventure zones that are strategically set up for enrichment, fun and bonding.

And if your dog is friendly in nature; you can consider allowing your dog to play and engage with other dogs that might be at the center at the same time.

All owners are required to provide constant supervision of their dogs.


Camp Miracle Paws enrichment center is centrally located in Anderson, SC on McGee Rd down the street from our local UPS distribution center.

Fenced in, stand alone facility offering a variety of play equipment in multiple adventure zones.

Meet and Greet with Evaluation

Purchase a FIRST TIME One Day Pass Includes Evaluation!

  • 1-Dog – $15
  • $10.00 Each Extra Dog

Once you are registered and your dogs vaccinations are confirmed, then you will receive email and text confirmation dates and times to arrive for your 10 minute in person screening. Once the screening is complete then your team is allowed to come into the park!

Pay As You Go Day Passes

Once your team has been pre-screened and park approved, you can send us a text or log into your account to send us a message to check availability.

  • 1-Dog – $15
  • $10.00 Each Extra Dog

Pawpular Monthly Subscription 

30-Day Pass Holders get first pick of appointment times and exclusive or early access to our upcoming events! Auto draft only.

  • 1-Dog – $35
  • $10.00 per extra dog





  • Enter & participate at your own risk. Camp Miracle Paws & its representatives are NOT responsible for injuries or damages. YOU are responsible for any dog(s) you bring & for any injuries/damage caused by your dog.
  • Written proof of current vaccinations must be provided. Rabies and Distemper/Parvo are required.  Note:  We cannot accept verbal confirmation of vaccines.

Maximum of two (2) dogs per person. A third dog will require an additional human to supervise. Handlers must have well behaved dogs to participate in our private dog park programs.

  • No children under 8 years old are permitted in the park. (Unless they will not run or play on any of the dog equipment) 
  • NO FOOD inside fenced areas of the park.  
  • Intact females allowed but must NOT be in heat while at the park.  
  • To avoid potential guarding issues- special toys/ball play times are only permitted for single or family dogs only in the side yard area. 
  • Please pick up and dispose of poop immediately in provided pet waste receptacles, not trash cans. Please use sanitizing spray in each soiled area. We provide endless clean up materials. 
  • Keep your dog on leash until a staff member signals your team where to go.  Remove the leash before entering the main play yard. No leashed dogs inside the fenced areas when engaging with other dogs.
  • All areas are consistently under video monitor surveillance and dogs and their owners will be dismissed for not cleaning up after themselves, or if their dog is to hyper stimulated, an escape artist or is reactive.
  • Puppies must be 5 months old (20 weeks) AND have had their last vaccinations two weeks prior to coming to the park.
  • Dogs must be on a slip lead/martingale long line wear. (we offer perfect setups)  All other equipment must be removed before entering the play area.
  • Unless medically necessary, please do not bring anything other than your keys inside the park with you. Because everyone is relying on you to consistently manage your own dog’s behavior- cell phones are permitted for picture taking only and you need to have a pocket to place it into when not taking photos.  If you need to talk, text, ect on your phone- you can exit the park and go to your car.. 
  • Your dog MUST be in your sight AND under your voice control at all times. Owners will control the flow of their own dog’s as the team moves throughout the park. 
  • Please know that social dog parks are not the place to bring dogs that are easily overstimulated or reactive. We are happy to schedule private lessons at our facility that will help your dog learn how to become part of a pack, but you will practice our methods at home until your dog understands our methods prior to exposing him to higher than kindergarten leveled environments.
  • Camp Miracle Paws and their representatives reserve the right to dismiss any human or dog at any time. We hope that you will never feel insulted or embarrassed in our decisions that can sometimes come on as a knee jerk response. Please know that undesirable situations with living and breathing dogs can quickly escalate and our staff will do what we feel is necessary to do to keep the atmosphere calm and safe for all human and canine guests. Prorated credit can be transferred to private lessons or private park time. 
  • Camp Miracle Paws highly recommends that owners obtain pet health insurance that provides 24/7 coverage for illness and accidents and with a little research can be purchased online.
  • Water Spray Bottles may be used by Camp Miracle Paws representatives and some pet parents to redirect overly rowdy, pushy or rude behavior. If a dog is not responsive to redirection, that team will be directed to enjoy the rest of their visit in a spacious and private play yard instead
  • Do not crowd the gates. When a new dog is entering, please do NOT allow your dog to rush the gate. Wait at least 30’ away from other dogs upon entering the property and while inside the property. SLOW AND EASY IS OUR MOTTO! 

Time limit of one hour per day/per dog. Most dogs will become tired and overstimulated within that amount of time.  If you would like to remain longer, please remove your dog for a few hours for a rest/cool down period before returning. 

Behavior Violations:  Violations will be issued to any dog/human breaking the rules.  Membership/Day Pass may be revoked after 3 violations. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to the safety of all human and canine guests so be kind! We all have stressful situations that we are dealing with.