Pet Sitting | Walking & Training

It’s true! There is NO PLACE LIKE HOME! In-home pet services are ideal for busy families that work long hours, have puppies that are not yet fully vaccinated, or that have dogs that experience seperation anxiety, or reactivity. And, some pet parents simply do not wish to have their beloved pets exposed to other pets.

Whether you need engaging drop in pet sitting, wellness check in’s, dog walks , Camp Miracle Paws specializes in providing top-notch in-home services in Anderson, SC.

Pet Sitting

Your home is the most comfortable place for your four-legged family members to be while you are away and this is where your pet’s new BFF’s come in. Camp Miracle Paws will go to your home whether you are working long hours, or are on vacation to provide tender loving care to your pets. We also offering neighborhood walks and can train with your dog. Our staff can also water your plants, fetch your mail, reposition your blinds, and we can even run errands for you!

  • Fee’:  $40.00 per drop in visit
  • Walks: $25.00
  • Training Lesson: $35.00

Camp Miracle Paws requires a completed registration form and a scheduled $45.00 meet and greet.

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