Group Dog Obedience Classes & Workshops

Our group classes and workshops are small, relaxed and are personalized allowing each team to get focused attention.

Our experienced trainers blend fun, small challenges and relaxation techniques into every class.

We work at your own pace and when you and your dog is ready to move up to the next level, so are we!

And our workshops are perfect for those that need some extra focused help for things like learning how to relax, walking on a loose leash/off leash and recall.  We also offer extra fun workshops for scent games and trick dogs!

We help dogs learn how to do things like:

  • Be accepting of a friendly stranger
  • Offer polite greetings when you have visitors
  • Can chill out when you are ready to relax
  • Sit or stand for handling | grooming
  • Walk on a loose leash/Heel
  • Calmly walk through a crowd
  • Can go to pet friendly places
  • Sit and lay down without direction
  • Come when called
  • Not react to other dogs
  • Not react to distractions
  • Stay when separated from owner
  • Become a super sniffer for target odors
  • Become a trick star
  • Retrieve target items
  • Get drinks from the refridgerator
  • Turn off and on lights

And more…

Camp Miracle Paws blends fun games and challenges in a relaxed small group class setting that are designed to help dogs to pass the tests for AKC Puppy Star, Canine Good Citizenship, Community Canine, Rally, Therapy, Scent Trials and more!

Small Group Class Rates

  • 6-One Hour Dog and Handler Group Training Classes | 150.00
  • 12- One Hour Dog and Handler Group Training Classes | 275.00

Group classes are for dogs that are friendly and socialized.

For those that are unsure about their dog’s ability to participate in a group setting, no worries! Contact us to schedule a private orientation training lesson 

Class Schedule:  For convenience, our group classes are offered in the mornings, afternoons and evenings Monday-Saturday.

Once we gather more information about your dog and schedule, we will offer class dates and times that are the best fit for your team.

You can call 864-314-1804 to register, or click the bone below and complete our contact us form and we will get back to you ASAP!




Chill | Relax 

Contact us for enrollment information on this extra popular class that we keep small and focused. 

We all want a dog that we can engage with, take on walks and when we are tired, we just want the dog to chill out and do nothing with us. This is a great class that will help you learn how to properly fill your dog’s physical and emotional cup without over stimulating.


Loose Leash Walking 

Contact us for enrollment information

Once your dog has a basic understanding of obedience in level 1 or level 2 class, you can consider enrolling your dog in this focused loose lease walking class that will include adding distractions so you can take the additional steps needed to have a dog that walks politely on leash. Pack Walking Makes All Behaviors Better!

Come When Called, Recall

Contact us for enrollment information 

Once your dog has a basic grasp on loose leash walking, you can sign up for our most respected class of all- Recall! When your dog can consistently stop and leave a high value object alone to come to you when called, you will have literally won the jack-pot!

Scent Games 

Contact us for enrollment information 

What better way to bond with your dog than to play games with him that use his nose! Our well known scent detection trainer Zakk can help you and your dog reach for the stars in AKC Scent competition or just to have fun!

This is an exciting new sport which teaches the dog to use its nose to find a specific scent on cue, and then tell their handler that they’ve found it and when ready the teams can advance to harder finds that will be held in interior and exterior environments.

Trick Dogs 

Contact us for enrollment information 

If you want better obedience skills, teach some tricks! The more things you teach your dog, the better he gets at learning.

Tricks are easier and more rewarding to teach because we place much less pressure on ourselves and our dogs. When we teach down or stay its much more serious, when we teach spin, shake, high five or roll over it just feel like fun.