Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your Questions

This dynamic trio offers a blend of etiquette, obedience and behavioral modification that help canine parents have a dog that they can take most anywhere! Over the years this family of trainers have literally changed thousands of lives including dogs and humans!!

I have questions about your programs, who do I call?
We encourage anyone with questions, concerns, raves or rants to call Donna, the owner of Camp Miracle Paws. Our top priority is to set all dogs up for the best success.
I have went over your website and Facebook page and now I am interested in setting up an appointment, what do I do?
We want to meet you and your dogs! For the safety of our staff and guests, we require everyone that is interested in any of our services to complete our online registration form were dog owners will be able to provide us with much needed information about the dog that will allow our trainers to set your dog up for the best success.
How long will it take to schedule my first visit to Camp Miracle Paws?
Once we receive your completed form, we will email and text you with appointment date, time and some notes to review prior to arrival. You should receive an email/spam confirming a date and time that fits your response on the registration form within 24 hours of submitting the forms, and depending on your responses, we typically schedule first visits for private training lessons or intro-daycare visits within seven days.
I am interested in setting up a private training session
We want to help you and your dog! Fill out our registration forms and we will schedule your first lesson
How often will my dog be out of his cozy cabin while at camp?

Our family of trainers spend a lot of time with each camper allowing our campers to go home stress free and happy tailed!

Our campers are rotated in and out of their cozy cabins for potty, sniffing and playing a minimum of seven times a day! We offer 30-120 minutes per potty and outings at a time and our indoor lounge rooms are perfect for days that are hot, cold or rainy or when we are all just ready to chill out, relax and watch some TV!

We begin everyday with an exploration play session, then our guests go back into their clean and cozy cabins that’s been freshened up with a tasty treat on their bed and clean water. Once our guests have had some cool down time, we provide breakfast that their parents brought for them.

After allowing some digetstion time, our guests are back out of their cozy cabins playing and socialzing with intermittent relaxation and structured activites in our large lounge room.

If you signed your dog up for any enriching extras; Your dog can participate in our pawpular activities like private obedience training lessons, agility for fun, relaxation therapy lessons or walks at the pond at the civic center, Lowes or a downtown exploration time.

When our guests are out of their cabins, they are split into small groups that is supervised and is action packed with different adventure zone areas for your dog to enjoy that includes large play yards, agility equipment, swimming pool, fetch, running, jumping, exploring, ect- If your dog is signed up for any of our Pawpular extras, those sessions will be in addition to our boarding and daycare’s typical days at CMP.

Can I tour the facility before I need to drop my dog off?
Absolutely!! We actually require meet and greets for all newcomers to make sure that together, we are a good match your dog. Once we receive your completed reservation form, we will contact you to confirm your meet and greet appointment with you and your dog.
What is a meet and greet?
It’s a confirmed appointment date and time that you and your dogs can come to our facility, sniff around and ask as many questions as you can think of! During your facility tour, your dog will be able to spend his time exploring while we get to know him. Our meet and greet appointments for boarding or daycare typically last about twenty minutes. Once we both agree that we are a good match, you will leave your dog for a $45.00 intro daycare date were your dog will mingle, play and lounge for the rest of the day.
What can I do to help my dogs stay be more comfortable?

As an enrichment center, we help dogs learn to relax. As part of our enrichment process, we require all new comers to spend a few hours of intro daycare with us to help the dog to acclimate and know that Camp Miracle Paws is a fun and safe place to be. This daycare date can be scheduled after the meet and greet or another day.

What if my dog has seperation anxiety?
Camp Miracle Paws understands how heart breaking and frustrating it can be for owners and for dogs that suffer from seperation anxiety. For the best interest of the dog, our staff and all the other campers at Camp Miracle Paws- all canines must be able to quickly settle into a confined space for rest or sleep. If your dog suffers from mild anxiety- give us a call to discuss and if your dog suffers with moderate to severe anxiety, consider signing up for our private lesson programs so you can lean how to help your dog to relax.
What if my dog is an escape artist?
Camp Miracle Paws is not a good fit for escape artists. These dogs need to be in a hightened secured area with EXTRA tall inclosed runs and fencing and only allowed out of their kennels when they are tethered to a handler. Please do not leave your dog at our facilty if your dog is an escape artist.
My dog has behavioral issues, can he still become a member of Camp Miracle Paws pack?
Not every dog is perfect, and we understand that. Our staff is able to work with a wide spectrum of dog personalities and quirks; however we cannot provide care for dogs that are aggressive. There is a difference between aggression and good schoolers- so, give us a call to discuss your dog’s behavior so together we can make the best decision for your dog’s care- If your dog is bite oriented- we can provide private training lessons to help owners learn our methods that will help their dogs learn how to relax.
My dog is not aggressive, but likes respectful space and doesn’t like dogs that are energectic, can he stay separate?
YES!!! Camp Miracle Paws goal is to provide all canine guests with a safe and fun time throughtout their stay. We offer private cabins that are 5×5 for each guest and because we only care for a few guests at a time, your dog will have as much outside and lounge room time on his own as all of the other guests. We have several play zones to allow ample space for these dogs- Sometimes, if guests are showing stress, we will rotate them to other areas until we find the dog’s most favorable area to be in.
Is a social play environment appropriate for dogs?
Here at Camp Miracle Paws, we strive to give each dog individualized attention and care and if other canine guests are visiting at the same time that fits your dogs personality, we will provide small group mingle and or play settings for each dog. Our goal is to set all dogs up in the best settings that fit their personalities.
Do the dogs ever get in fights? What happens if they get hurt?
We go through great lengths to avoid caring or training any dogs that have ever shown any aggression, but as any pet owner knows, dogs can get into altercations for a number of reasons. We take every precaution to minimize these risks and we trust that owners have been forthcoming with their dogs history and we have owner policies designed to help us keep all of our guests safe. Depending on our guest list, we only allow a max of 1-6 dogs in different adventure zones to explore and play. We understand that no dog is perfect and we seek to create a setting where social dogs can play with other pack-mates right away right and dogs that are learning to be social can co-exist harmoneously. For the safety of all involved, please do not bring your dog to our camp if he has ever shown any signs of guarding or aggression. Should an altercation occur, our staff is trained to intervene as best as they safely can to separate the dogs involved. We keep a full in house first aid kit for minor injuries, and our veterinarian for any necessary medical attention. Owners will be contacted as soon as possible as to the details of the incident. Owners with dogs that instigate fights are fully responsible for all legal and medical expenses for their own dog and for any dogs that they have injured and the instigating dog will not allowed to return.
What should I bring for my dog during a boarding stay?
Please bring enough of your dog’s own food to amply cover their boarding stay and a little extra is appreiciated in the event that you are delayed in picking them up. We prefer that guests remain on their own food to avoid gastrointestinal upset. We ask that food and medications be placed in zip lock bags with your dogs name written on the bag along with feeding information. If you have wet food, we ask for individual pop-top servings with ample disposable spoons for us to use and dispose of. We do not need dishes or beds. You can bring a blanket if your dog does not destroy items. Please do not bring valuable items.
My dog needs medication, can you still care for my dog?
We do accommodate dogs that take medications or have minor medical issues as long as your vet has cleared your dog to be in a kennel environment. We will require you to place all meds in seperate zip lock bags and write your dogs name and dosage information on each bag. If your dog has special needs, please call us.
I’m worried about my dog getting sick, is there anything I can do to prevent that?
We ask all clients to vertify that their dogs are up to date on their vacinations at every drop off. Even though our facility is small- Contagious illnesses are an unfortunate reality of social pet environments. Any area where multiple dogs spend time such as dog parks, the vet, shelters, and pet stores have the potential to spread illnesses between animals. Though we have a strict daily regime of sanitation for all parts of the facility, we are unable to guarantee that dogs will not pick up germs through normal interaction and play. (This is comparable to children in a school setting.) We ask clients to certify that their dogs are not contageous with anything including fleas and ticks at each drop off. We ask that clients not bring in pets that are showing symptoms of an illness, but minor bugs can go undetected. Pets that are stressed, do not frequently leave the home or interact with other dogs on a regular basis may have more susceptible immune systems. Camp Miracle Paws is located in the country and our guests are not in their cabins all the time- they will be out exploring and will be exposed to various things during there visit like other dogs, grass, trees, mulch, rocks, insects, fungi, housekeeping things and things that mother nature send our way. We recommend that dogs come for several hours of daycare prior to long boarding stays to help bolster the dogs sense of comfort and immunities. Many of our clients choose to bring probiotics for their pets during boarding stays to aid their pet’s digestive system. Should we become concerned that your pet is not himself or ill during a boarding stay we will contact you and get your dog to a veterinarian for treatment.
How much advance notice do we need for daycare or boarding?
Because we are a small facility with a lot of repeat guests, we recommend making reservations as soon as possible to assure a spot.
When do I pay for my dog’s services?
Before, or upon drop off of the dog. We accept cash, checks made payable to Camp Miracle Paws or if you prefer to make credit card payments, please add an additional 4% of the total fee to offset the credit card companies fee’s.