Nose Work | Scent Detection For Fun

This is an exciting new sport which teaches the dog to use its nose to find a specific scent on cue, and then tell their handler that they’ve found it and when ready the teams can advance to harder finds that will be held in interior and exterior environments.

Nose work is for all dogs and the dog must be enrolled in our obedience program or have had a trainer evaluation to participate in this fun class!

Each dog will be worked individually during the class. Dogs will need to rest calmly while waiting on their turn.

This four week class provides introduction to recognizing and alerting to target odors. This is a fun class that will take your dog to the next level in learning to understand what you are asking him to do! This class is sure to please any dog|parent team!
  • Beginner: Boxes, elevation, thresholds, leash handling, independent searching of Interiors on primary reward.
  • Intermediate: Independent searching of interiors, exteriors and vehicles on primary reward. Beginner is prerequisite.
  • Advanced: Working with Birch odor searching Interiors, Exteriors, Vehicles and Containers. Intermediate is prerequisite

Our trainer Zakk has a long history of scent detection training and this class is guaranteed to be a fun and effective way to bond with your dog.