Workshops & Advanced Training Classes

We Help Owners Prepare For Therapy Dog Testing

Our therapy dog classes help prepare you for the pet therapy dog evaluation that is performed by an outside non-profit organization. We will introduce you to local therapy dog groups that will evaluate your dog and if accepted into their program will meet throughout the month to offer comfort and joy to people of all ages!


Canine Good Citizen Prerequisite or Instructor Approval

  • 6 weeks/ 1 day a week/ 1-hour session
  • Prepare for the AKC therapy dog test
  • Learn what to expect before, during and after the evaluation
  • Practice for real-life client interactions during visits

Chill | Relax 

Contact us for enrollment information on this extra popular class that we keep small and focused. 

We all want a dog that we can engage with, take on walks and when we are tired, we just want the dog to chill out and do nothing with us. This is a great class that will help you learn how to properly fill your dog’s physical and emotional cup without over stimulating.


Loose Leash Walking 

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Once your dog has a basic understanding of obedience in level 1 or level 2 class, you can consider enrolling your dog in this focused loose lease walking class that will include adding distractions so you can take the additional steps needed to have a dog that walks politely on leash. Pack Walking Makes All Behaviors Better!

Come When Called, Recall

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Once your dog has a basic grasp on loose leash walking, you can sign up for our most respected class of all- Recall! When your dog can consistently stop and leave a high value object alone to come to you when called, you will have literally won the jack-pot!

Scent Games 

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What better way to bond with your dog than to play games with him that use his nose! Our trainer Zakk can help you and your dog reach for the stars in AKC Scent competition or just to have fun!

This is an exciting new sport which teaches the dog to use its nose to find a specific scent on cue, and then tell their handler that they’ve found it and when ready the teams can advance to harder finds that will be held in interior and exterior environments.

Trick Dogs 

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If you want better obedience skills, teach some tricks! The more things you teach your dog, the better he gets at learning.

Tricks are easier and more rewarding to teach because we place much less pressure on ourselves and our dogs. When we teach down or stay its much more serious, when we teach spin, shake, high five or roll over it just feel like fun.



Life Skills Workshop: Practical Canine Care

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Does your dog get nervous about nail trims, grooming, teeth cleaning and ear cleaning? Come learn how to teach your dog to be calm and comfortable during these procedures. Turn grooming into a fun training opportunity instead of a dreaded task.

Prerequisites: Obedience 1 or consent of instructor. For dogs nine months and up.

Shy Dogs

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If your dog is shy and anxious, we can help! Maybe your dog suffered from a dramatic experience or lacked early socialization opportunities- Our training methods help to boost confidence levels and build trusting relationships with your dog.

Canine Fitness

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Your dog will learn core control and develop athleticism, balance, and strength. Perfect for dogs recovering from injuries, senior dogs, or those dogs that could stand to lose a few pounds.