In-Door Dog Park | Puppy Play Dates

A fun place for you and your dog to come and play!

Camp Miracle Paws is ecstatic to be able to provide Anderson, South Carolina’s first climate controlled, in-door dog park that provides enriching socialization opportunities for a few dogs at a time.

Our typical social camper has attended at least one six week block of obedience classes with our trainers, but any dog that is happy and courteous is welcome to register for play dates at our in-door dog park. .

All campers and their familes must abide by our rules, create an account, complete all of our on-line forms, provide up to date copies of vaccination records and understand that it is solely the owners responsibility to watch over their dog at all times.

Camp Miracle Paws has the right to ask anyone using our dog park to leave if they do not follow the rules or if their dog displays any signs of behavioral issues that includes dogs that have hyper energy, are bullies, marks and or that are aggressive.

Kids are allowed in the dog park as long as they are not running or climbing on any of the equipment.

In-Door Dog Park Play Dates


  • Saturday Mornings: 1:30-2:30

Dogs 6 Months and Up 

  • Saturday Afternoon’s 3:00-4:00


One hour play-date passes are $25.00 pay as you go, or you can purchase play date passes in 6 packs for 100.00. 

What’s next?

We require owners to set up an online account, and complete our forms, provide up to date copies of your dog’s vaccination records and decide what dates work best for your schedule and pay for your passes

Got Questions? Ready to Enroll in Classes? You Can Call or Text: 864-314-1804