Group Classes

Please note: We will be resuming group classes in the fall. In the meantime, sign up for our private lesson programs! You wont regret it!

Non-Traditional, Flexible, Enriching, Relaxed and Fun!

Our mission is to set all students up for the best success and because a lot of canine students have a hard time settling down in high stimulating group settings leaving their handlers frustrated and embarrassed- we offer group classes to those that have participated in at least one private lesson and have been trainer approved to be part of a high stimulating group class environment. 

We blend fun, etiquette, obedience and relaxation into our classes that are laid back and effective!

Once your team attends a private lesson, our classes include:

  • Flexibility! Register and attend as many classes as you can or as needed!
  • Multiple trainers in every class that will help your team succeed
  • Various enriching learning zones that your team will be rotated through-out
  • Puppy 101 for things like socialization and exposure, play biting and potty training
  • Enriching play zones for socials for those that wish to engage
  • Obedience, Social Etiquette & Behavioral Modification
  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Learning Opportunities
  • In and out door enriching and learning experiences
  • Fungility Course Makes earning extra fun for dogs and their handlers
  • Field Trips with multiple teams to Pet Friendly Public Places
  • AKC Certification Titles: Puppy STAR, CGC and Community Canine
  • AKC Evaluation On-Site Testing and Certifications
  • Includes Access to our Private Facebook Group & Video Tutorials
  • Subject to Availability and Pre-Screening Registeration Process

Obedience Classes

Because we have multiple trainers that teach each class; our group classes offer flexibility. Our open enrollment obedience classes are designed to provide customers with the ability to register as they can attend- Our classes run year-round and is open registration! This means that you and your dog can join at any time!

  • Tuesday’s 6:00-7:00pm


  • $85.00 Right Start Private Session (Prerequisite prior to attending group classes)
  • $40.00 pay as you go or buy a 4 pack of classes for : $140.00

All lessons must be used within twelve weeks. In the event one team shows up, we will convert to a half hour private lesson.

If your dog is reactive, over stimulated, anxious or stressed out; NO WORRIES!! Your team can enroll in our chillin canine private package programs for the best private low stimulating experience until your team is ready for a low key group setting. If you are unsure if your dog is ready for a group setting, just give us a call! 864-314-1804.

Trainer preferred equipment is an additional $25.00-65.00.


Vaccination Information

Dogs of all ages are required to be healthy, clean and up to date with their vaccines

We follow the AKC and the American Veterinarian Association’s  recommendations of puppies needing early intervention to help adoptive families learn how to properly manage their new furry companions.

Newly adopted “puppies”must have had a vet check and a minimum of two series of Parvo vaccinations prior to attending classes. Most vets will recommend three as there are some serious health risks associated with puppies not being fully vaccinated prior to allowing them to go to places were other dogs have been.

Without early exposure many puppies end up with anxiety issues and many dogs are being surrendered to rescue and some are euthanized due to behavioral issues. So get those puppies out of the house, just be smart about it!