Group Classes

Non-Traditional, Fun, Informative and Effective!


Our group classes are action packed with fun and adventure! Friendly natured dogs and their human pack members learn things like; on/off leash etiquette, recall, to wait at doors and to relax as a go to behavior.

We are AKC certified trainers and evaluators for the Puppy S.T.A.R., CGC, Community Canine, Urban Canine and Nose Games and we can prepare your team to take the therapy dog certifications by a non-biased evaluator.

Group Class Schedule:

Once your team attends a scheduled orientation/private lesson then you can take advantage of our scheduled drop in group classes. Once we meet your team we will discuss which classes and or lessons will set your team up for the best success.


Group Class Fee’s:

  • Orientation/Private Lesson: $75.00
  • Drop-in Classes: $40.00 Each

All training packages include access to our video tutorials and to our private Facebook groups.

If your dog is reactive, over stimulated, anxious or stressed out; NO WORRIES!! Your team can enroll in our chillin canine package programs for the best private low stimulating experience until your team is ready for a group setting.

Trainer preferred equipment is an additional 25.00-50.00


Advanced Training Classes and Workshops

Once your team is ready; our trainers will invite your team to join our advanced classes that include attending local pet friendly field trips at places like Lowe’s, Tractor Supply and downtown Anderson. These classes are scheduled throughout the week and on the weekends.

  • advanced stay, walk off leash, heel and total recall
  • focused lay down, stay, chill and relax without direction
  • turn off and on lights
  • mobility | hearing alert dog training
  • retrieve target items | drinks from refrigerator
  • scent detection and alert for fun
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Title
  • AKC therapy dog test preparation 
  • pet friendly field trips 
  • relaxation therapy for shy, hyper & anxious dogs

We are AKC Puppy STAR, CGC, Urban, Community and Certified Trainer and Evaluators

Contact us to schedule your team an evaluation today!

Vaccination Information

We require proof for all dogs to be up to date with their vaccines.

We also require a vet check for newly adopted “puppies” and a minimum of two series of Parvo vaccinations prior to attending classes. Most vets will recommend three as there are some serious health risks associated with puppies not being fully vaccinated prior to allowing them to go to places were other dogs have been.

However, it is equally as important that puppy parents know that the American Veterinarian Association says that puppies need early exposure to worldly situations.

Without early exposure many puppies end up with anxiety issues and many dogs are being surrendered to rescue and some are euthanized due to behavioral issues.