Puppy Training 101



Get your canine off on the right paw with these foundational courses designed to help with behavior essentials, such as potty training, basic commands, controlled walking, and more.

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Price: $140

Course Duration: Orientation and 6 classes

Requirements: None

The first five months of your puppy’s life shapes reactions to the environment for the rest of it. Don’t miss this critical stage of development! Teach your puppy to play with others, become desensitized to noise, learn manners, get potty trained, and more.

Neo-Dog 1

Age Range: 20 weeks to 3 years

Price: $160 ($80 for Puppy Raising 101 Graduates), $25 deposit REQUIRED

Course Duration: 6 weeks

Requirements: None

Nurture your dog through adolescence by teaching him or her life-saving commands such as: “sit,” “come,” “go to your crate/mat,” “watch me,” and more. This course will also break your canine’s bad habits—such as jumping up, chewing, mouthing, and barking—and improve impulse-control skills.

Neo-Dog 2

Age Range: 20 weeks and up

Price: $150, $25 deposit REQUIRED

Course Duration: 6 weeks

Requirements: Graduation from Neo-Dog 1

This course is a continuation of Neo-Dog 1, where you and your dog will refine your basic obedience skills. You will also start learning proper manners for behaving in public, along with working on a recall that could save your dog’s life.

Canine Good Citizen

Age Range: 6 months and up

Price: $100

Course Duration: 4 weeks

Requirements: Graduation from Neo-Dog 1

Prepare and test your canine for the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification program. The AKC certification program stresses responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs by testing handler and dog teams on 10 items.

Canine Connection

Age Range: 6 months and up

Price: $150

Course Duration: 6 weeks

Requirements: Graduation from Neo-Dog 2

Learn to read canine body language so you can recognize your dog’s signs of stress and unlock the possibilities of training with the clicker, a training method that’s been proven to motivate and stimulate dogs in training. This course serves as preparation for our advanced curriculum.

Walk With Me

Age Range: Any

Price: $120

Course Duration: 5 weeks

Requirements: None

Imagine the freedom of walking with your dog on loose leash! Perfect keeping the leash slack and your dog “with you” through this fun and enlightening course. Please note that this class is not a standard class offering.

Total Recall

Age Range: Any

Price: $165

Course Duration: 7 weeks

Requirements: Graduation from Neo-Dog 1

Improve your dog’s ability to come reliably when called. This course increases in difficulty each week.

Nose Knows: Introduction to Nose Work

Age Range: Any

Price: $160

Duration: 7 weeks

Requirements: Graduation from Neo-Dog 1 or Instructor Permission

Teach your dog to use his or her nose to find the prize! The art and practice of nose work makes basic search-dog skills available to companion dogs. For more information check out the National Association of Canine Scent Work athttp://www.funnosework.com.