Dog Obedience Training

Unlike traditional old school dog training techniques that only offer temporary fixes or that may cause some dogs to become fearful or anxious, the staff at Camp Miracle Paws provide a different perspective on dog obedience training by utilizing simple to reinforce techniques that will help condition your dog to understand what you are asking him to do and to be the best companion that he can be.

  • puppy basics
  • proper socialization
  • loose leash walking
  • sitting at exit doors
  • to stop jumping on your guests
  • to come when you call for him
  • staying on a place or bed
  • how to relax and lay down at your feet
  • to fetch specfic items
  • getting a drink from the refridgerator
  • fun trick training
  • scent detection | alerting to target odors
  • response training | alert to sounds or motions
  • to fetch specfic items like a remote control or a
  • to turn on and off lights
  • pressure therapy training
  • and a whole lot more

For the safety of our staff and our canine guests, we do not offer any services for dogs that are aggressive.

Our Dog Training Programs

Owner | Dog Private Training Classes

Our dog training programs are customized for you and your pooch; as all teams are individual, no two programs are the same. We can help train your dog to learn a new task like how to walk on a loose leash or we can help modify a behavior like helping your dog learn to not jump on people or other dogs.

  • First Orientation Training Session Fee: $50.00
  • All Follow-Up Sessions: $25.00 Per Half Hour      

Our Boarding or Daycare with Training Menu

We can provide head start training with your dog or we can help refine a specific task-

  • 50.00 Orientation class
  • 20.00 Intro daycare date
  • 120.00 Boarding @ 30.00 per night for four nights 
  • 125.00 Daycare @ 25.00 a day for five days
  • 125.00 Two training sessions per day 
  • 250.00 Four training sessins per day
  • 0.00 Daycare amenities included
  • 10.00 Long line
  • 25.00 Owner take home training session
  • 0.00 Training tips and follow-up included

All inclusive Boarding with Training Program Fee’s 

  • 350.00 First time boarding with two training sessions per day
  • 500.00 First time boarding with four training sessions per day

All inclusive Daycare with Training Program Fee’s

  • 355.00 First time daycare with two training sessions per day
  • 475.00 First time daycare with four training sessions per day   

Returning students can take advantage of the additional program savings by making boarding or daycare with training choices from the above menu.

Days can be split up over two weeks, we accept weekend appointments for orientation classes, intro daycare dates, drop off’s, pick-ups and owner take home training sessions. Extra boarding days are available for those that need to leave their dogs for a longer duration.

An extra 15% applies for dogs that require extra remedial training that will be determined at the end of your dog’s daycare into session.

What a typical day looks like..

Our canine students enjoy the same enrichment amentites as our daycare campers; Everyday is filled with socializing, exploring and enrichment activities. Whether you sign your dog up for two or four training sessions a day or every other day, our experienced trainers will begin conditioning your dog to understand specific tasks that were discussed during their first orientation session.

Your dog will also enjoy spending time in our large and spacious lounge room were we chill and watch TV, then dogs retire to their very own climate controlled cozy cabin that is complete with a comfy bed, tasty treats, spa music and endless fresh water.


How do I get my dog started in the program and what should I expect:

  • call us with any questions
  • complete our online application & provide vaccination records
  • set up your first orientation training class for 50.00 /intro daycare session for 20.00. (These paid fee’s will be deducted from the total of the inital and all future program reservations)
  • if Camp Miracle Paws is a good fit; you can schedule boarding or daycare with training dates
  • your dog gets dropped off on scheduled date with ample food & treats
  • we treat your dog like family and we will begin building trust and confidence with our enrichment programs
  • we will start conditioning the dog to understanding the behaviors/tasks that we are wanting him to do that match his learning level
  • we will send you messages, pictures and videos of your dogs progress along with applicable training tips throughout your dogs stay
  • dog parents need to schedule a take home reinforcement training session at pick-up or within a few days of pick-up
  • parents will need to reinforce our easy to reinforce training techniques at home while keeping in touch with our trainers
  • depending on parents short and long term goals for their dog; parents can schedule future stays with or without training and private training classes for themselves

An extra 15% applies for dogs that require extra remedial training that will be determined at the end of your dog’s daycare into session.

Our fee’s are pay as you go and are due in full at drop off at the beginning of each newly scheduled training session.