Dog Obedience Training

We Help Dogs and People Connect

Welcome to Camp Miracle Paws! Here you’ll find compassionate and experienced trainers, a fun, state of the art enrichment center to come play and train with your dog.

We help dogs learn to do things like walk on a loose leash, come when called and to have polite greetings without intervention or direction from owners or trainers.

Depending on the dogs grade school level and abilities, we also offer training tasks like picking up objects and retrieving them, turning off and on lights, alerting to noises and more.

We offer small group classes and private training lessons at our new enrichment training center.

You can click the bone below to register for classes or give us a call and we are happy to complete the form for you!

Group Dog Training Classes

We blend in games and challenges to help make obedience less of a chore and way more fun for you and your dog!

Our classes will help you and your dog make a connection though our training model, you will become your dogs primary focus and your team will have a lot of fun while you learn how to practice behavioral downs, loose leash walking, stay, recall and waiting at doors.

We’ll also focus on good manners like not jumping and how to relax and doing nothing.

Click the bone below to enroll in our training programs or give us a call and we can complete the form for you!

Enrichment Classes

If dogs are having fun they will be better listeners and more inclined to be eager to please! Our nose games and trick dogs classes will be a fun way to make a solid connection with your dog paving the way to a better mannered dog!

Please know that Camp Miracle Paws is not a good fit for dogs that have any aggression or guarding behaviors with humans.

Please know that Camp Miracle Paws is not a good fit for dogs that have any aggression or guarding behaviors. Please call us with any questions or concerns and to schedule your first evaluation/training session at 864-314-1804.

Private Classes: Training Center

Parents and their dogs can schedule private classes at our new, spacious and action packed enrichment center were one of our experienced trainers will provide focused training classes at your own pace and convenience!

Specific Focused Task Training Needs?  

Camp Miracle Paws can assist people and their dogs to learn advanced tasks like how to walk on a loose leash, come when called, to chill out, turn lights on and off, open the refrigerator door to get a drink for their owner, pick stuff up off the floor and more!  Call us to discuss your specific needs.