Dog Obedience Training

Are you frustrated and tired of your dog not listening and having his own agenda? Pet parents find that our non-traditional dog obedience and behavior modification training that are based on ZEN training techniques that will help dogs learn to be calm and relaxed. Our training techniques are effective and simple to reinforce. Our trainers can mix and match our training programs that best suit the dog’s grade school level and the parents short and long term goals by providing private training classes in the comfort of your home and in pet friendly public places.

Obedience Training School Curriculum

  • In-Home Evaluation/Training Session
  • We help Dogs Relax & Build Confidence
  • Socializing at our enrichment center and in public places
  • Potty and Crate Training
  • Sit, Down-stay
  • Place-stay
  • Recall | Come
  • Loose Leash walking (no pulling)
  • Off Leash | Recall
  • Respecting doorways
  • Wait for meals
  • Personal boundaries
  • No jumping or counter surfing
  • How to meet another dog or humans appropriately
  •  Leave it | Drop It command
  • Tricks, scent games, agility for fun and more!

Specific Task Training Needs?  Camp Miracle Paws can assist people and their dogs to learn advanced tasks like how to turn lights on and off, open the refrigerator door to get a drink for their owner, pick stuff up off the floor and more!  Call us to discuss your specific needs.

Please know that Camp Miracle Paws is not a good fit for dogs that have any aggression or guarding behaviors with humans.

Call us with any questions or concerns and to schedule your first in-home evaluation/training session at 864-314-1804

In-Home Training Programs

We provide structured and focused in-home training sessions that are tailor fit for you and your dog’s specific short and long term goals in the comfort of your own home.

Dog Boarding School | Enrichment Camp

Our dog boarding and training camp is one of a kind, run from home, as part of our family life. We make every moment a learning and enriching experience including play time, nap time, and training time.

Daycare with Training Program

Our daycare with training programs allow pet parents to drop their dogs off and pick them up each day to stay, play and train for a full or half day. Your dog’s training sessions will be focused on the owners short and long term goals as discussed during the initial evaluation/training session. Whether your dog stays for a half day or a full day, either way, your dog will get the same amount of training time.

Puppy Group Classes

Proper socialization and the basic foundations of training are often overlooked by many new puppy parents leaving the dog a hot mess and the parents frustrated. Our experienced dog trainers have developed a special puppy group class package for puppies up to six months of age.

Phone or Face-Time Consulting

Can’t make it to our facility? No worries! We can provide scheduled phone and or real-time training using Face-time or Skype to help with behavioral issues or to help train a new task.

Please call us at 864-314-1804 with questions and to set up your first evaluation/training session with one of our trainers.