Dog Obedience Training

Camp Miracle Paws offers non-tradtional dog training and is the premier dog obedience training and behavior modification enrichment center in the upstate area.

With over 20 years of canine behaviorist and task training experience, our obedience training techniques can help your dog to be the best that he can be by rectifing behavioral problems instead of just maintaining undesirable behaviors.

Our training techniques are easy to reinforce and are based on building a trusting relationship to help him to understand what we are asking him to do unlike old style traditional trainers that use dominace and fear based training were behaviors are maintained at best.

We design affordable and flexible dog training programs to help dog/parent team’s to acheive their short and long term goals.

Training School Dog Obedience Curriculum
• Learn to Relax & Build Confidence
• Sit, Down-stay until I release you
• Place-stay
• Recall | Come
• Loose Leash walking (no pulling)
• Wait at the door
• Off “no jumping or counter surfing”
• How to meet another dog appropriately
• All types of socialization for puppies, adolescents and adult dogs
• Leave it command
• Drop command

Other Behavior Issues? Each dog is an individual and past experiences and lifestyle can result in unwanted behaviors. Our trainers can help resolve problems, give us a call to discuss your dog!

Specfic Task Training Needs?  Camp Miracle Paws can assist people and their dogs to learn advanced tasks like turning lights on and off, open the refrigerator door to get a drink for their owner, scent detection/alerting, response alert, pick stuff up off the floor and more!  Call us to discuss your specific needs.


Private Classes

Do you want to improve your relationship that have with your dog? Some private one on one time with one of our trainers at our training center will not only help teach your dog how to relax and to have better manners, these classes will also help you learn how to properly communicate with your dog so he will understand what you are asking him to do. All great relationships require good communication and our easy to reinforce training techniques are proven to set your team up for success!

  • Fee’s: 25.00 per half hour

In-Home Training

Because dogs and their parents are more relaxed at home, Camp Miracle Paws experienced dog trainers can provide in-home training sessions. We specialize in helping dogs learn how to relax, behavior modification, problem solving and specific task oriented training.

We can train with dogs that are at least eight weeks of age and older in the comforts of your own home.

Our fee’s for basic training: 

  • One Session: $125.00
  • Two Sessions: $350.00
  • Five Sessions: $500.00

Our trainers can travel up to twenty-five miles one way from our training center in Anderson, SC and we can consider longer distances for an extra travel fee. Camp Miracle Paws is not a good fit for dogs that have any aggression | guarding behaviors with humans or that has aggression issues with other dogs in their home.


Stay, Play and Train | Enrichment Program

After an inital orientation/evaluation training session at our training center or in your home; dogs that can participate in our boarding or daycare programs at our training center will have plenty of play, socializing and enriching learning opportunites.

On the fifth day of each session, our trainer will provide the dog with a departure bubble bath and the dog owners with a reinforcement training session at our training center or in the comfort of your home. During the orientation session we will discuss the best training options for your dog.

As long as your dog is relaxed at our training center, we recommend that your dog stay 2-10 days at a time at our training facility in Anderson, SC. These days can be split up over two weeks allowing you and the dog time to gently acclimate into your new easy to reinforce lifestyle.

Dog Owner Drop Off and Pick-up; All inclusive Boarding with Training Program Fee’s Includes:

  • Orientation Evaluation Training Session with Owner and Dog 
  • Basic Training | Five Days to Stay, Play & Learn 
  • Bubble Bath | Long Line
  • Owner and Dog Take Home Reinforcement Training Session 

Total: $525.00

Future Five Day Boarding School Sessions Receive a 75.00 discount!

For your convenience; We can provide an In-Home Orientation/Evaluation and if the dog is a good candidate for our boarding and training program, our trainer can bring the dog back to our training center for a scheduled stay and can also provide a scheduled drop off Training Session at your home for an additional 100.00 for a total of 625.00. Additional trips will require additional fee’s.

All inclusive Daycare with Training Program Fee’s

  • Basic Training Pricing starts at 65.00 per day and varies

After a orientation | evaluation training session; owners can drop off their dog in the morning and their dog will spend their days socializing and learning, then the dog owners will pick up their dog in the afternoon. On the fifth day, our trainer will provide owners with a training reinforcement session so they will know what to do with their dogs at home.

We accept weekend appointments for orientation classes, intro daycare dates, drop off’s, pick-ups and owner take home training sessions. Extra boarding days are available for dogs that can relax in a confined setting for rest and sleep that need to leave their dogs for a longer duration.

Puppy Package

Proper socialization and the basic foundations of training are often overlooked by many new puppy parents leaving the dog a hot mess and the parents frustrated. Our experienced dog trainers have developed a special package for puppies up to six months of age.

One of our experienced trainers can come to your home and work with you and your new puppy to help get your new team set up on the right track!

And once your pup is fully vaccinated, you can choose drop your pup off for daycare for the day or boarding for one night and two days at a time. Puppies need to be home with their families throughout these early months and by offering short intermittent periods at training school your new pup will be less stressed and can focus on learning.

Whether we train at your home or ours; we will provide training for early socialization that will include gentle exposure to other dogs, different textures, sounds and movement, manners like sitting at the door and to stop jumping on us or to stop bitting our hands, crate and potty training, grooming desensitizing, ect all while allowing for ample play and nap times to reduce over stimulation.

  • Daycare with Basic Training Fee’s start at 375.00 for each five day session
  • Board and Basic Training Fee’s start at 400.00 for each five day session

Our fee’s can vary depending on realistic expectations and the dog’s comfort level can be split up over a two week period. 

Phone or Face-Time Consulting

Can’t make it to our facility? No worries! We can provide scheduled phone and or realtime training using Facetime or Skype to help with behavioral issues or to help train a new task.

Fee’s: 25.00 per half hour