Anderson Enrichment Doggy Daycare 

Daycare Reinvented..

Busy lifestyles can make it challenging to meet your dog’s needs for optimal mental and physical health. Canines left alone for endless hours can lead to anxiety, weight gain and behavior changes. Camp Miracle Paws doggy day care is an enriching solution to ensure your dog leads a healthy and happy life.

Dog’s at Camp Miracle Paws learn social etiquette, sniff and play while staying active. Our primary focus is providing the best canine enrichment environment by offering rewarding activities that stimulate your dog’s senses, allowing them to learn, develop new skills, become problem solvers and to gain confidence.

Our specialty lies in Enrichment Doggy Day Care, and no one in the upstate does it better than us. You can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your furry buddy is having an funtastic time with all their new and old friends.

Structured, Fun and Balanced 

Our camp counselors seek out the uniqueness of each dog, and tailor each day to their specific individual needs and preferences.  Nurturing bodies, minds, and senses are top priorities for happy, healthy and well-balanced campers.

Our enriching daycare programs promotes social etiquette, playtime, physical exercise, learning, downtime, and overall wellness: 

  • Mental Stimulation encourages self thinking and problem solving skills. Our camp activity instructors schedule engaging activities that develop decision making abilities requiring much less intervention.
  • Exercise maintains improves moods, burns excess energy and maintains a healthy weight. Camp counselors tailor playgroups that help dogs safely socialize based on age and personality.
  • Downtime is significant too, balancing play and learning avoids overstimulation. Our camp counselors use positive procedures for safe social play and good behavior. Dogs learn from both camp counselors and other dogs in our fun, positive and enriching environment.
  • TLC matters. Campers become part of our family, and we build strong bonds and campers look to us for comfort and confidence.
  • Regular attendance helps our camp counselors understand each dog’s needs and can spot any health or personality changes early-on.

All Inclusive Fee’s:

  • Up to four hours: $25.00
  • Half days: Up to six hours: $35.00
  • Full Days: $45.00


  • 7:15am-6:00pm Monday-Friday
  • 8:00am-6:00pm Saturdays

Space is limited, please text or call for availability.

Training Lessons

If your dog could use some better manners, we also offer scheduled training lessons while your dog is at camp! 

  • Loose leash walking and recall

Add-on Lesson Fee’s:

$35.00 Each lesson

Daily lessons are conducted at our training center and in pet friendly public places.

New Comer Information:

Due to the nature of what we do; we require dog parents to complete our on-line pre-qualification registration form. We have strict policies and Camp Miracle Paws daycare programs are not a good for for dogs that are escape artists, or that display aggression towards other dogs or people, have moderate to high levels of anxiety. We can however, offer private lessons for owners and dogs that display these behaviors.

Once we receive a completed registration form, we will send texts and emails to schedule a free meet and greet. And if together, we feel that we are a good match, your dog will stay for a $45.00 intro daycare day.

Vaccinations, Health and Prevention

Just like with kids- our staff highly recommends that dog parents consider purchasing a pet health insurance policy that will cover unexpected things that are related to the dogs overall health and well being.

  • We must receive a current vaccinations for DHLPP, Bordatella and Rabies PRIOR to your dog’s arrival, you can upload copies or pictures of the certifications can be texted to 864-314-1804 or your vet can email us a copy to
  • Dogs must be on flea and tick preventives
  • We cannot accept dogs that are sick including diarrhea or skin rashes that are contagious, pregnant, in-heat, or that has had recent surgery, there are times that we might require a letter of clearance from your veterinarian.

Ready to get started? Complete our online registration form below and we will be in touch!