Dog Boarding and Daycare Enrichment Camp

Camp Miracle Paws is a small, relaxed and social enrichment center in Anderson, SC that offers our community with an alternative to traditional dog boarding and daycare facilites.

Our family owned and operated staff of trainers provide multiple daily sessions of enriching playtime activites for all of our boarding, daycare and training guests that include intermittent periods of rest time, so that your dog doesn’t get overstimulated, but gets just the right amount of social playtime and enrichment opportunites.

Our enrichment center is located within a few feet of our home allowing our family to provide extended care. Our facility boasts action packed and spacious outdoor play yard zones with grassy and rocky areas, shady spots, and a splash zone and dogs love our new 2,000 square foot indoor play/lounge room that offers enriching play structured activites and separate play areas for large and small dogs!


Doggie Boarding and Daycare Pricing

Dog Boarding: 

  • Over night lodging first guest: $30.00
  • 2nd Dog that can share/sleep/eat in same 5×5 cabin: 25.00


  • Intro daycare | Up to four hours: $20.00 Per Day
  • Full Daycare Day: $25.00 Per Day

Check out our Facebook Page to see more about our inclusive enrichment activites that all of our daycare and boarding guests enjoy during their stay at Camp Miracle Paws.


  • Cozy, private and spacious 5 x 5 cabins
  • Comfy beds and climate controlled
  • Multiple potty/play and enriching activity sessions per day
  • Spacious indoor lounge room
  • Lots of tasty treats and endless water
  • Extras like bubble baths and massages are available


Our Policies

Camp Miracle Paws is a small, relaxed and social enrichment center for all boarding, daycare and training guests, and is not a good fit for all dogs to stay and play. To help pet parents pre-determine if we are a good fit, we require all new-comers to complete our application form.

Once we receive your dogs application, we will schedule a twenty minute meet and greet tour for parents and their dogs to come and sniff around our camp and ask questions. As long as everyone is comfortable, the dog will then transition  into our 20.00 intro daycare stay and play program were the parent will leave their dog at our facility for up to four hours.

This time will allow your dog to acclimate to his new surroundings before he gets dropped off for an extended stay and allows our staff time to get to know your dog better.

Our staff’s top priority is to keep all of our canine guests safe, relaxed, enriched, properly stimulated and happy; Depending on your dog’s comfort level, we might ask that your dog attend one or more intro daycare visits gradually increasing the duration of each stay before booking a longer stay. Once your dog understands that Camp Miracle Paws is a safe and fun place to be, your dog will have a much better time relaxing while mingling with a few other dogs that have gone through the same application process.

Thank you for understanding that Camp Miracle Paws is not a good fit for dogs that are:

  • aggressive with humans
  • aggressive with other dogs: we might be able to accommodate some small anti-social dogs, please call to discuss your dog’s personality and special needs.
  • escape artists- please know that our fencing is 4-5′ tall. Other than private owner training sessions, Camp Miracle Paws is not a good fit for any dogs that are known to escape over or under any fencing
  • separation anxiety- if your dog suffers from any separation anxiety and cannot settle into a confined space, we are happy to offer a training session with the owner to help the dog learn to relax
  • pregnant, in heat, has known contagious conditions including skin rashes, diarrhea, ticks and fleas
  • you must have owned your dog for at least two weeks prior to completing this form allowing you time to get to know your dog’s personality and to help assure that he is disease free.

Socialized boarding or daycare is not for everyone- Just because a dog isn’t a good fit for social play doesn’t mean he/she isn’t a great family dog! Some dogs simply enjoy the company of people over other dogs, and that’s perfectly fine. If your dog is under 35lbs and prefers his spacel, please give us a call to discuss your dog’s personality and we will try our best to provide solutions for these dogs too!

Pawpular Extras:

Parents can sign their dogs up for extra things to do during their stay like neighborhood walks, massage therapy to help their dog learn to relax, obedience training sessions to help your dog learn better manners, swimming and agility for fun sessions, departure bubble baths and more!

Parents can learn more about how they can help us to keep their dog happy and healthy throughout their stay.

Check In and Out Times:

Dogs love to stay and play at Camp Miracle Paws and dog parents appreciate our flexible drop off and pick up hours.

We accept scheduled appointments for tours and training sessions between 10:00am and 6:00pm and drop off’s and pick-up’s between 8:00am – 6:00pm. We are happy to accommodate later hours.

Please see our frequently asked questions page for more information.