Dog Boarding and Daycare Camp

Camp Miracle Paws is a small, relaxed and social dog camp that proudly offers our community with an alternative to commercialized traditional dog boarding and pet daycare facilites.

Our dog camp spreads over two beautiful residential country acres and is located just steps away from our home allowing our family owned staff to provide extended care after normal business hours and camper parents love our flexible drop off and pick-up hours and Campers love to stay and play at Camp Miracle Paws!

We know how important your dog’s well being is to you and our goal is to treat all campers as though they were our own and to help keep our campers as safe as we possibly can; our facility is armed with a 24/7 surveillance system that includes video cameras, fire, burglary, motion and tempature sensors.

Because we are not located in a commercial setting; we appreciate your understanding that for the safety of our staff and our campers, we require appointments for anyone that wishes to tour, drop off, pick up their dog or to have any access to enter the fenced in and gated property.

Doggie Boarding and Daycare Fees

Dog Boarding: 

Over night lodging per night: $30.00


Per Day: 25.00

Check In and Out Times:

Because Camp Miracle Paws is home based, we offer scheduled & flexible drop off and pick up times between 7:30am and 6:00pm Mon-Fri and 8:30-5:30 on Saturday and Sunday.

What do campers do all day?

We are glad you asked! All of our boarding and daycare campers share in the same fun!

From 7am-9pm; We rotate campers throughout our spacious indoor and outdoor play zones that are action packed with lots of things to do!

Our indoor lounge areas are climate controlled and offer plenty of toys and dog friendly furniture for stretching out on while watching movies and sharing some treats.

Our outdoor play zones are also action packed with fun things to climb up, over and into.

And when its time for intermittent rest, relaxation and sleep breaks; all campers are assigned to their own private and spacious 5×5 cabin that is complete with a comfy bed, dishes, spa music, lavender oils, TV, tasty treats and endless water.

Some important information that you need to know..

Thank you for understanding that Camp Miracle Paws is not a good fit for all dogs, we require all new-comers to complete our on-line application that will help camper parents to pre-determine if Camp Miracle Paws is potentially a good match for their dog.

Once we receive your dogs application, we will schedule a meet and greet tour that will also include a few hours of daycare allowing your dog time to acclimate to our dog camp prior to booking a longer stay.

Camp Miracle Paws cannot accept dogs that have shown aggression to other dogs or humans that includes guarding of food or toys. And, because we are not located in a commercial zone, we are not a good fit for dogs that suffer from seperation anxiety that cannot quickly settle into a 5×5 cabin as we must be respectful to our neighbors and of our other canine campers.

And, Camp Miracle Paws is a relaxed facility with 4′ fencing that surrounds the property. Therefore, we cannot accept dogs that are escape artists. If your dog chooses to jump our 4′ fencing, we will do everything that we can to retrieve your dog including calling you and your emergency contact to help find your dog.

And, so you have time to get to know your dog so you can better answer our questionnaire; you must have had your six month or older dog for at least 60 days prior to applying to allow you time to get to know your dog. Your dog must be up to date with their vaccinations, be non-contagious and be on a monthly flea and tick prevention.

Feel free to call us for more details. Also check out our Facebook page for a lot more up to date information about us, our facility and the dogs that we provide care for.

You can click the link below to complete our on-line application form to book a meet and greet.


Pawpular Extras:

Cuddles are always Free!  

Nature Walks: 15.00 Our dog boarding and daycare camp is located in the country and our nature walks are spectacular! As part of our extras, you can sign your dog up with one of our experienced dog handlers that can take your dog for some relaxing loose leash walking sessions. (Loose leash training included)

Swimming: 10.00 per day If your dog loves to make a splash, he will love our inground pool with a wadding!

Agility for FuN: 10.00 Perfect choice for dogs that like running, jumping, weaving and climbing through, over and under osticle equipment, you can sign him/her up for an extra handler guided agility for fun session!

Obedience Training Session: 25.00 We can help your dog learn how to walk on a loose leash, sit at doors, to stop jumping on people, ect

Relaxation Massage Therapy: 25.00 Our behavior modification massage therapy sessions provide amazing results for dogs that are shy, anxious, fearful or hyper!! You will be amazed at your dogs behavior at home once you start seeing the results that our relaxation sessions provide for those that need to learn to relax!

Bubble Bath: 10.00-25.00 Depending on dog size- Our canine guests love getting extra TLC with our bubble baths that include a mini-massage! We use oatmeal based shampoo and conditioner that leaves your dog squeaky clean and smelling awesome!

Pick-up/Delivery Rates Door to Door:
One-way: $20.00 door to door within 15 miles
Two dogs: $25.00 door to door

Community Pick-up and Drop Off’s: Same as above but we meet at way at public places like The Anderson Mall, Anmed, ect-

Trial Day/Temperament Evaluation: Required For all New Dogs that are not comfortable during the meet and greet appointment-

Doggie Boarding & Daycare Benefits

At Camp Miracle Paws, your dog will exercise and socialize with other dogs. As a result, you’ll have a happy, more fit dog. Activity level at Camp Miracle Paws will also help eliminate boredom behavior such as chewing and barking.

Exercise and Relaxation:
The playground at Camp Miracle Paws is all natural with grass, rocks, mulch and multiples of trees that provide lots of shady areas. Many dogs like to be outside even when the weather is bad, we have a large barn that provides cover so we go out every day. If dogs choose to be inside, we have several indoor large play areas and lounge rooms.  Many dogs go in and out during the day, to rest, watch a dog-friendly movie in our living room, cool off or warm up as the case may be.

There is a careful introduction of newcomers to keep everyone at Camp Miracle Paws happy and safe. Camp Miracle Paws requires a meet n greet temperament evaluation on every newcomer to ensure that our staff can engage with the canine.

If your dog is social, we will evaluate the dog temperament to help us to assign dogs to the appropriate small play group.

We require all dogs to be non-aggressive to humans or to other dogs and owners that want their dogs to socialize must validate that their dogs have a non-agressive history.

When To Start Dog Day Care:
We accept dogs that have completed their series of shots. All shots must be kept current and we ask for updates each time that you visit your vet and when things change in regards to your dogs health and temperament. We must have a current copy of your dogs vacination recoords prior to your meet and greet appointmnet. You can also communicate with and text a picture of your dogs records to 864-314-1804.

You can also have your vet emial us your pet’s current vaccines.