Chillin Canine Camp

(Please know that we are not accepting new campers at this time, be sure to check back in as availabilities do come open from time to time)

Our family of long time trainers blend just the right amount of mental and physical stimulation that target each dog’s specific needs that enabling us to send more dog’s home in a relaxed and calm state of mind. And when dogs are relaxed they feel better and will naturally offer better behaviors.


  • Limited number of canine campers at a time
  • Trainers live on premises and provide managed care 24/7
  • Two beautiful sprawling acres in a quiet and shady residential country setting
  • 2200′ In-door climate controlled lounge | play | training room
  • Multiple fenced-in adventure zones
  • In-ground swimming pool for those that like to make a splash
  • Covered rocking chair front porch for extra relaxing in the shade
  • Each student enjoys their very own cozy climate controlled cabin
  • Extra comfy beds, designated meal times and endless fresh water
  • 24/7 Spa music and lavender smells for extra relaxation & comfort
  • Monitored: fire, burglary, heat\cool sensors & motion detection
  • Nature walks and scheduled obedience training lessons

Chillin in a Cozy Country Setting for a Few Canine Campers at a Time

Dogs get dropped off and spend their days exploring and mingling in a relaxed and enriching atmosphere.

Overnight Boarding & Daycare Fee’s:

$45.00 Per Day Per Camper

We are not a good fit for all dogs:

Because safety is a top priority; please know that arrangements for early pick up’s are required for dogs that display aggressive behaviors towards other dogs or humans, is an escape artist (jumps or climbs fences) and or, has anxiety and cannot settle in a confined space for rest and sleep. (Please inquire about scheduling private lessons for dogs that display these behaviors and we can help you learn how to help your dog learn to relax.

Subject to registrations, evaluations and availability~

Optional Add-On Training Lessons

If your dog needs better manners at home and in pet friendly public places; once your team is accepted into our camp programs, you can sign your dog up for scheduled training lessons during his stay at Camp Miracle Paws:

After an initial lesson and evaluation period with dogs and their owners; dogs can get dropped off for scheduled inclusive stays by the day or weeks at a time. Each day, a trainer will spend extra scheduled private time with your dog coaching your dog to naturally offer behaviors like: loose/off leash walking, waiting at doors and gates, to come when called, stop jumping and mouthing and to just lie down and relax-

  • Add-On Basic Obedience Training: $40.00 Per Scheduled Lesson
  • Two Week Inclusive Training Program: 2199.00

Inclusive two and three week training programs that include public venues are available and can be discussed at your first scheduled evaluation/consult/lesson.

Owner | Dog Private Training Lessons: 

  • Initial Lesson | Pay As Needed: $75.00 Per Lesson
  • 5 Pack:One 1 hour & Four Half Hour Lessons: $280.00
  • 7 Pack: Two 1 Hour & Five Half Hour Lessons: $495.00 (Includes some equipment)


  • Training techniques, video tutorials and equipment will be discussed at the time of your training lesson/evaluation/consult and will vary depending on the training program selected: $30.00 – $400.00

Realistic Expectations:

Just like humans, some dogs will naturally learn quicker than other dogs and it will simply take more time to train with some dogs. The more consistent that your dogs training is now; the less on-going maintenance training that you will have to do with your dog in the future.


What’s next?

  • you can create your own on-line account and complete our on-line registration forms
  • we will require current copies of your dogs vaccination records
  • if together we agree that we are a good fit;  we will set up reservations for your dog to get dropped off for an intro daycare evaluation at our dog training camp that will allow time for your dog to acclimate to our camp and for our trainers to get to know your dog better before he gets dropped off for a longer stay
  • for those that are opting to add obedience training to their dog’s stay; we require owners to schedule a private training lesson/consult/evaluation appointment prior to dropping the dog off for scheduled daycare or boarding stays
  • we stay in touch with families with pictures and videos during your dogs stay
  • dogs go home happy and relaxed