Our stay and play boarding camp is perfect for a few friendly natured dogs that enjoy the same benefits as our daycare kids, meaning our campers are frequently out of their kennels mingling, exploring and playing thought their stay! 

We blend social etiquette into our stay and play programs so dogs go home relaxed, stress free and happy to come back! 

  • we are a small family owned and operated camp; we have no employees
  • we live on premises to provide 24/7 care for our campers
  • with permission; we transport some of our boarding campers to our training center that’s ten minutes away for some extra enriching fun and relaxation
  • we are a low volume facility that offers our services a limited to a few friendly natured dogs at a time
  • dogs enjoy a calm, fun, enriching and cozy experience
  • all dogs go home happy tailed, relaxed and stress free
  • dogs love rotating in and out of their comfy cabins during the day
  • multiple adventure zones for sniffing, running, mingling and exploring
  • two beautifully manicured country acres
  • we have many alarms and sensors for extra protection
  • cozy climate controlled resting and sleeping cabins
  • endless fresh water, treats and smooth jazz for additional relaxation

And, with the permission of dog parents: we transport campers eight minutes each day to our action packed enrichment center at 237 McGee Rd for an all inclusive day of fun and chillin at our climate controlled enrichment center!

New Comers

If you are interested in stay and play– we require a completed on-line registration form and we will schedule a free fifteen minute meet and greet for dogs and their parents to come and sniff around and meet our staff.

If together, we find that we are a good match, we will transition your appointment over to a intro daycare stay for the day. This time allows dogs to acclimate before getting dropped off for a longer stay.

If you are interested in our board and training programs– Please know that we require a completed online pre-registration form to set up a training lesson/consult with dogs and their parents to assure that our methods are the best fit for their team.

  • we blend proper etiquette and obedience training into our student programs so dogs can become a calm and relaxed dog that can go most anywhere with their families

If together, we find that we are a good match, we will schedule your dog to begin their board and training program.

We are a small family owned and operated training camp, and to help assure success, we have strict polices when it comes to dogs being accepted into our student camper programs.

Dogs must:

  • be friendly natured towards other dogs or people
  • not be a bully or hyper stimulated around other dogs
  • not experience seperation or confinement anxiety and can quickly settle into a crate or kennel for rest and sleep
  • not be an escape artist and jump over fencing

It is important to understand that we will be training both ends of the leash in person and through video tutorials, PDF,s ect. It is imperative that dog parents participate in helping their dogs to understand what they are asking them to naturally do outside of their stays with CMP  to achieve the most desirable results.

Stay and Play Fee’s:

Stay and Play

  • $45.00 Per Dog, Per Night ($40.00 for additional campers)

Includes same benefits as our daycare campers but with overnight stays!

Board and Training: Stay and Play with Etiquette and Obedience Training:

  • Boarding Fee’s: $2500.00 Two Week Board and Train


  • initial consult, lesson, intro daycare date and departure lesson with dogs and their parents
  • training equipment
  • daily progress reports with pictures and training videos
  • video training tutorial access with 24 hour learning
  • access to our private Facebook group for extra support


Vaccinations, Health and Prevention 

  • We must receive a current vaccinations for DHLPP, Bordatella and Rabies PRIOR to your dog’s arrival, pictures can be texted to 864-314-1804 or your vet can email us a copy to
  • Dogs must be on flea and tick preventives
  • If your dog is on medication, please place the medication in a zip lock bag and write the dogs name, condition being treated and dosing information on the bag. Please call us if your dog has special needs care
  • We cannot accept dogs that are sick including diarrhea or skin rashes that are contagious, pregnant, in-heat, or that has had recent surgery, there are times that we might require a letter of clearance from your veterinarian.
  • We can accept some in-tact males, please call with details about your dog and for availaility information

We are not responsible for lost or destroyed items.