Boarding & Daycare

Our small chillin canine camp is perfect for a few friendly natured dogs to spend their days having a sniffin good time.


  • family owned and operated; we have no employees
  • small home based dog camp providing 24/7 on premises care
  • care for a few friendly natured dogs at a time
  • dogs enjoy a calm, fun, enriching and cozy experience
  • all dogs go home happy tailed and stress free
  • dogs love rotating in and out of their comfy cabins during the day
  • adventure zones for sniffing, running, mingling and exploring
  • in-ground swimming pool for those that like to make a splash
  • two beautifully manicured country acres
  • alarms and sensors for extra protection
  • cozy climate controlled resting and sleeping cabins
  • endless fresh water, treats and smooth jazz for additional relaxation

New Comers

Please know that we require a completed online pre-registration form to set up a free 15 minute meet and greet so we can get to know your dog and so you can get to know our staff and tour our camp at 2005 Karen Ln in Anderson, SC.

If together we find that we are a good match, your dog will then transition into our intro-daycare program were you will leave your dog for a few hours or for the day allowing your dog to acclimate to our camp and for our staff time to get to know your dog better.

We are a small family owned and operated training camp and most of our canine campers are long time regulars that have participated in our training programs.

We have strict polices when it comes to dogs being accepted into our camper programs.

Dogs must:

  • be friendly natured towards other dogs or people
  • not be a bully or hyper stimulated around other dogs
  • be able to quickly settle when placed into a confined setting for rest and sleep
  • not be an escape artist


  • Boarding or Daycare Fee’s: $45.00 Per Dog Per Day

If your dog could use some better ettiequte skills, our trainers can spend an extra scheduled time with your dog helping him/her with tasks like how to walk on a loose leash, wait a doors, to stop jumping, to sit and lay down and relax as an auto go to behavior.

Ettiequte Skills

  • Add-on 30 Minute private lesson with dog per day: $40.00


Dog Personal Belongings & Bedding

  • Personal belongings must be marked with pet name
  • We do not need any dishes or toys
  • As long as your dog does not consume material; we can accept a throw sized blanket or less
  • Bedding must be marked with pet name
  • All belongings should fit into a tote bag along with food, medication, ect that will be marked with pet’s name


Dog Crates

  • We do not need any crates- we provide climate controlled comfy cabins, and for those dogs that prefer a smaller den like setting we offer multiple sized hard shell crates.

Dog Food

  • Parents will provide zip lock sandwich sized servings for breakfast at 9am and lunch at 3:00. Your dog will be hungry. To avoid stomach stress, please bring your dogs own food ration and write your dogs first and last name on the bag.
  • If your dog prefers wet food: please bring single serving pop top cans along with some deposable spoons


  • Just like humans, dogs love getting an extra surprise waiting for them each time they rotate back into their cabins and when they are caught doing something good! We appreciate any extra treats that you can provide
  • We ask that you do not bring rawhide toys or chews as they are not good for dogs digestive system
  • Unless told otherwise, we offer our guests buffalo horns to entertain themselves while they are resting in their private cabins.

Dog Collars and Leashes

  • Please have identification on your dog’s collar and we recommend that your dog is chipped for emergency situations
  • Leashes will be placed in your dog’s locker

Tote Bags  

  • Food, medication, small bankets, leashes for each dog must fit in a tote sized bag that will include the dogs other belongings that he will need throughout his stay with us.

Please mark your pets name on the tote bag and all belongings

Vaccinations, Health and Prevention 

  • We must receive a current vaccinations for DHLPP, Bordatella and Rabies PRIOR to your dog’s arrival, pictures can be texted to 864-314-1804 or your vet can email us a copy to
  • Dogs must be on flea and tick preventives
  • If your dog is on medication, please place the medication in a zip lock bag and write the dogs name, condition being treated and dosing information on the bag. Please call us if your dog has special needs care
  • We cannot accept dogs that are sick including diarrhea or skin rashes that are contagious, pregnant, in-heat, or that has had recent surgery, there are times that we might require a letter of clearance from your veterinarian.
  • We can accept some in-tact males, please call with details about your dog and for availaility information

We are not responsible for lost or destroyed items.