Boarding School

Our Boarding and Training Camp is at the top as our most popular training programs that we offer.

After a orientation session, you will leave your dog at our home based training camp for an enriching training experience.

Our trainers will help set your dog up to pass the AKC Puppy S.T.A.R., CGC: Canine Good Citizenship, Urban Community, Therapy Dog Certifications and more!

Board and Training Fee’s: Starting at 75.00-125.00 per day 

Contact us to set up your first appointment! 

Training Agenda

  • structured enriching activities to help build confidence and to promote self thinking
  • socialization experiences with other calm natured dogs
  • daily training sessions that will be kept within the dogs grade school level and will focus on tasks like loose leash walking/heeling, come when called, offer polite greetings when guests come over and to offer behavioral downs without direction.
  • special task training like turning off and on lights, getting a drink from the refrigerator, retrieving objects, ect
  • gentle exposure to pet friendly public places
  • outdoor adventure training programs were our trainers can condition your dog to do things like swimming, nature walks, go on a boat or kayak or to relax by a camp fire
  • our trainers will provide progress reports that include notes, pictures and videos of their dogs progress
  • we can provide your dog with a departure massage and bubble bath
  • Our trainer will provide the owner and the dog with a departure training class
  • We provide follow up training notes and support.

    How Do I Get Started?

You can click on the bone below and create an account and book your appointment on line or call or Text us at 314-1804 during office hours to get scheduled. It’s that easy!!




Feel free to also text or call us with questions or to check availability. Check out our Facebook Page to see more about our inclusive enrichment activities that all of our daycare and boarding guests enjoy during their stay at Camp Miracle Paws.

Please know that our boarding and training programs are not a good fit for any dogs that have separation anxiety, are escape artists, or that are aggressive towards other dogs or humans.