Dog Training & Calming Camp

We help dogs and their families learn to communicate, build confidence and strengthen their relationship with our simple-to-reinforce training techniques that are easily transferable at home and in real world situations.

We partner up with dog owners to help their dogs learn to do things like:

  • come when called | recall
  • walk on a loose leash | off leash
  • place work | behavioral downs
  • to stop jumping, leave it and to wait at exit doors
  • to relax and adapt to new situations and at home

Our training camp programs include:

  • a cozy and action packed home based training camp
  • your dog will have scheduled daily private training lessons that are kept within the dog’s current grade school level
  • socializing and playtime with a few other calm natured and friendly dogs
  • our training barns are climate controlled, cozy, spacious
  • each dog gets their own private climate controllled cabin for rest and sleep
  • owners will receive progress notes, pictures and videos throughout their dog’s stay
  • owner/dog training consult and follow-up reinforcement lessons

Training Camp Program Options

We start all of our training programs with a scheduled 75.00 consult appointment.

Our boarding and daycare with training fee’s vary depending on the program options that best fit your dogs grade school level and the owners short and long term goals.

Dog and Owner Consult Fee: 

  • $75.00

Daycare with Training:

  • Half Day: $55.00
  • Full Day: $65.00- $125.00

Boarding with Training: 

  • Per Day: $85.00 – $125.00

Owner Training Lessons: 

  • Private Owner/Dog Lesson at Departure: $75.00
  • Video Training Tutorials: $ 75.00


  • Training techniques and equipment will be discussed at the time of the consult and will vary depending on the training program selected: $30.00 – $330.00

Additional Optional Support:

Owners can opt to have 24/7 access to our on-line training tutorials for an additional flat fee allowing owners to reflect on the videos at home: $125.00

Owners greatly increase their handling confidence skills by enrolling in our group classes that we discount for our camper students: Four Classes: $75.00

Realistic Expectations:

Just like humans, some dogs learn quicker than other dogs, and it will simply take more time to train with some dogs. The more consistent that your dogs training is now; the less on-going maintenance training that you will have to do in your dog’s future.

We are not a good fit for all dogs:

Please know that Camp Miracle Paws is located in a residential neighborhood in the country and is not a good fit for all dogs; Arrangements for an early pick up is required if your dog displays any of the following; aggressive behaviors towards other dogs or humans, has escaping behaviors and jumps over and or pushes through/destroys fencing or that has anxiety and cannot settle in a confined space for rest and sleep.

What’s next?

  • you can create your own on-line account and complete our on-line registration forms or give us call to complete the form for you
  • we require current copies of your dogs vaccination records
  • we will require a training consult appointment with the dog and their primary handlers
  • if together we agree that we are a good fit;  we will set up reservations for your dog to get dropped off for an intro daycare evaluation at our dog training camp that will allow time for your dog to acclimate to our camp and for our trainers to get to know your dog better before he gets dropped off for a longer stay
  • make reservations for your dog’s first intermittent week of school
  • we stay in touch with families with progress and fun videos during your dogs stay
  • make appointment(s) for pickup and owner departure lesson so you will know what to do with your dog and in real world situations
  • make follow-up training appointments
  • schedule additional lessons as needed