Our Pack, Our Story

Family Owned and Passion Driven to Help Others! This dynamic trio offers a blend of etiquette, obedience and behavioral modification and obedience training  to help parents have a dog that they can take most anywhere!

Zakk Wrabiutza: Chillin Canine Consultant, Obedience Trainer and Caregiver

Zakk was diagnosed with type one diabetes at the young age of 13, and life forever changed. Soon after, Zakk begun training his puppy Annie to detect and alert to his own fluctuating blood sugar. Zakk also trained Annie for public access.

Even as a young teenager, Zakk’s calm and humorous, but serious demeanor has made him a natural with dogs. And over the years, Zakk has perfected his communication skills with people that love their dogs and teaches them his own personal blend of behavioral modification, social etiquette and obedience training methods.

Zakk has provided CE credits to hundreds of nurses, physicians and specialists with his diabetic alert dog presentations, and has mentored Clemson University’s uprising Veterinary students by providing accredited programs were students got hands on learning experience with rescue dogs that they fostered and trained under Zakk’s tutelage in hopes that these rescue hopefuls would turn in assistance dogs that would help families better navigate in the local community.

Due to Zakk’s participation in Clemson University’s rescue to hero curriculum, the sad realization of how overcrowded Anderson’s local shelters were. And, many rescues just need a little helping hand with some simple social etiquette training to become valued pets for many families in the upstate,

Zakk began offering training with pets of all ages, and their foster parents and or adoptive caregivers back in 2015. And our community has been steadily growing with chillin canine’s ever since!

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Zakk’s Medical Alert Service Dogs

Clemson University Rescue to Service Dog Training Program

Zakk training diabetic alert dogs to help other patients

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Donna Wrabiutza: Administration, Owner, Assistant Trainer and Caregiver

Donna Wrabiutza:  Administrative, Caregiver & Trainer Donna is the direct contact for people looking for pet services with Camp Miracle Paws.

After thirty years in the insurance industry, Donna’s teenage son Zakk was diagnosed with type one diabetes and after personally witnessing how a golden doodle changed Zakk’s life, she was all in to help other parents experience the same sense of hope and much needed and appreciated assistance in managing a life altering high maintenance disease.

Donna is honored to have had the opportunity to laugh, learn, teach and cry along side hundreds of families while being a non-profit director that assisted Zakk with the placing of service dogs for kids with disabilities.

To aid Zakk with his mission to help more dogs stay out of shelters, back in 2016 Donna sold her insurance agency and began reaching out to pet owners who are loving the simplicity and effectiveness of our training lifestyle methods that help their dogs to relax with social etiquette.

Send Donna a text or give her a call! She wants to hear all about your dog! 864-314-1804

Billy Wrabiutza: Dog Trainer and Caregiver

Billy is caregiver, obedience trainer with Camp Miracle Paws and when you meet him you will quickly see that he is truely passionate about helping dogs to relax and to become better companions so owners can be happy and less frustrated.

Bill makes learning easy and fun.