Our Pack

Zakk Wrabiutza, AKC Certified Trainer and Evaluator

Zakk was diagnosed with type one diabetes at the age of 13 and was able to train his own pup to detect his own blood sugar fluctuations and to successfully navigate in public accessible places.

So, Zakk chose dog training as his career of choice and over the years, Zakk has been featured in several scent detection/service dog training books and has provided continuing education credits for people in the medical industry with his scent detection/medical alert presentations.

Because there is such a big demand for pets to learn how to relax and become better companions by their adoptors, Zakk expanded into training pets several years ago and as you can see from our reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, ect.

Zakk has since mentored many pets, working service dogs and their families to become better team mates!

Miracle Paws Org

Billy Wrabiutza: Dog Trainer and Caregiver

Billy is a lead obedience trainer with Camp Miracle Paws and when you meet him you will quickly see that he is truely passionate about helping dogs to relax and to become better companions so owners can be happy and less frustrated.

Bill makes learning easy and fun.

Donna Wrabiutza: Administration, Owner, Assistant Trainer

Donna Wrabiutza:  Administrative, Caregiver & Trainer Donna is the direct contact for people looking for pet services