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As a family run business, we take our Vision, Mission and Core Values, very seriously – they validate our commitment to you and help give you confidence that you can entrust us with learning and to take great care of your beloved pet.


To provide passive lifestyle oriented training methods that will enhance the lives of dogs and their owners. And, to provide excellent care and enrichment to the life of your dog whilst in our care while providing owners with peace of mind knowing that they have selected a highly regarded, trusted and sought after facility.


Camp Miracle Paws has been providing top notch training, boarding and daycare services since 2010 and look forward to serving Anderson and the surrounding areas for many more years to come.


Our Mission is to take great personal care of your beloved dog in the best possible way when you are not able to. We do this by providing first class boarding facilities with modern purpose designed and built kennel accommodation, operated by a team of qualified pet care professionals that will ensure a loving, safe, fun and nurturing environment for your dog.


Dogs perceive our facility as a place of safety and fun, giving owners peace of mind that they know their dog is in good hands and is having a great time.

Zakk Wrabiutza

Training Consultant and Caregiver
Zakk was diagnosed with type one diabetes at the young age of 13, and life forever changed for our family. Soon after, Zakk began training a pup of his own named Annie to detect and alert to his own fluctuating blood sugar and for public access. Even as a young teenager, Zakk’s calm and humorous, but serious demeanor made him a natural with dogs. And over the years, Zakk has perfected his communication skills with dogs and their caregivers, and teaches them his easy lifestyle methods that help them to have relaxed dogs that naturally offer desirable etiquette oriented skills. Zakk has provided CE credits for medical providers at places like Spartanburg Regional and Greenville Memorial Hospitals for nurses, physicians and medical specialists with his fun and in-depth diabetic alert dog demonstrations and presentations. Zakk also spent a few years mentoring Clemson University’s uprising Veterinary students by providing accredited programs were students got hands on learning experience with rescue dogs that they fostered and trained under Zakk’s tutelage for selected rescues to become hero service dogs or really great family pets.

Donna Wrabiutza

Administration, Trainer and Caregiver

Donna is the direct contact for people looking for services with Camp Miracle Paws.

After thirty years in the insurance industry, Zakk’s Mom personally witnessed how a dog changed her son Zakk’s life. Annie gave Zakk the independence he needed to live a more normal life as a young teenager. He could drive with confidence knowing the Annie’s scent training would give him a heads up when Zakk’s blood sugar was fluctuating, and he could stop and treat his diabetes and continue driving to his destination without having to take time to recover from a scary low blood sugar.

Over the years, Donna has had the opportunity to laugh, learn, teach and cry along side hundreds of other disabled families that Zakk placed his trained service dogs with.

To aid Zakk with his mission to help more dogs stay out of shelters, back in 2016 Donna sold her insurance agency and joined Zakk’s mission to help dogs and people learn to live in harmony and began reaching out to pet owners who are loving the simplicity and effectiveness of our training lifestyle methods that help their dogs to relax with social etiquette.

Billy Wrabiutza

Dog Trainer and Caregiver

“Uncle Bill” has been a dedicated pamperer for our boarding and daycare campers since 2010. Billy makes sure that each canine camper’s emotional and physical needs are met. Billy often sits on our covered rocking chair front porch with all the dog’s all around him and in his lap. All of the dog’s adore him!

Billy is also a big part of our boarding and daycare with training programs and is able to provide training in a less stimulating atmosphere that keeps our student dog’s within their grade school level.

When you meet Billy, you will quickly see that he is truly passionate about keeping our campers safe and comfortable.

Bill makes learning easy and fun.