Welcome To Camp Miracle Paws – Anderson’s Dog Trainers For Etiquette, Obedience and Behavior!

Proven results start here! Camp Miracle Paws has been Anderson’s go-to source for families seeking to provide their pups and dogs with training and behavioral modification methods that will set their teams up for the very best short and long term success.

Over the years, our Anderson facility has earned the trust and respect from our clientele, veterinarians, rescues, physicians and groomers.  Making referrals has become the heart of our business. In our Anderson training center, we offer private lessons, training school and enriching boarding and daycare programs.

We also embrace the “Whole Etiquette Based Dog Care” approach. With our goal to align with families to support and enhance your canine’s overall well being throughout their life. The key to our approach is the Enrichment Doggy Boarding, along with our Daycare programs. Our goal is to help you and your dog enjoy the best life possible.  Understanding that dogs are valuable family members, we take great pleasure in treating every dog with superior care and attention.

Obedience Lessons

Behavioral Lessons


We help furry companions become an improved version of themselves-

In Anderson, our team of dog training consultants share our reward-based methods to families and their dogs that shape instinctive lifestyle skills and behaviors to dogs.

Offering individual private training lessons and training school programs that blend obedience, enrichment and behavior modification that cultivates a well-rounded, sociable dog that families can be proud to take anywhere.

Discover the benefits of dog training at Camp Miracle Paws:

  • Private Instruction: Our obedience training and behavior modification methods are customized to address the specific needs and goals of each dog. Our camp trainers provide proven guidance with dog’s and their parents that aims to target behavioral issues while blending obedience oriented skills ensuring that each dog receives the personalized attention that’s necessary for their short and long term success.
  • Enriching Dog Daycare: Dog’s at Camp Miracle Paws learn social etiquette, sniff and play while staying active. Our primary focus is providing the best canine enrichment environment by offering rewarding activities that stimulate your dog’s senses, allowing them to learn, develop new skills, become problem solvers and to gain confidence.Our specialty lies in Enrichment Doggy Day Care, and no one in the upstate does it better than us.
  • Training School: Our camp trainers partner up with dog parents to refine their canine’s etiquette skills. Our focus on canine socialization and enrichment involves engaging and rewarding activities that stimulate your dog’s senses, allowing them to learn new self awareness skills and gain confidence in multiple settings.
  • Group Classes: Enroll in our group classes to reinforce positive behaviors and enhance your dog’s socialization in a secure and supportive environment. These sessions offer valuable opportunities for your furry friend to interact with fellow dogs and humans while mastering essential skills.
  • Exceptional Canine Etiquette: Lifestyle oriented training methods sets the foundation for responsible behavior without much owner intervention. We promote positive structured routines in your dog, shaping them into well-rounded canines that will be capable of confidently navigating social situations in multiple environments.