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Non-Traditional Dog Obedience & Behavioral Training

At Camp Miracle Paws, we don’t just train dogs. Coaching the people who love them is a big part of what we do! Offering private lessons, group classes, work shops and boarding or daycare with training programs that blend fun and small challenges that will help reach your obedience and behavioral goals with your dog.

Pet owners find our training techniques easy to reinforce in a step by step process that not only builds confidence in the dogs but in the handlers as well. All of our training programs include learning things like walking on a loose leash/heel/off leash, to offer polite greetings when guests visit, come when called and to lay down and relax when owners are ready to just relax and do nothing.

Our work shops are great addition to obedience training by teaching your dog to do fun things like scent detection, tricks and to get drinks from the refrigerator, pick up toys, turn off and on lights and to just chill out and relax when you are ready to do nothing.

Our trainers and evaluators are AKC certified and our training methods will set dogs up to pass the AKC’s Puppy STAR, Canine Good Citizenship, Urban, Community, Scent Detection and the Therapy Dog Certification tests.

Private Lessons, Small Group Classes and Workshops

We offer private lessons at our training studio, in the comforts of your home and in pet friendly public places.

Camp Miracle Paws spacious training studio is conveniently located near Clemson Blvd in the corner unit of the Pearman Diary Plaza in Anderson, SC.

We help dog parents learn how to raise their puppies to become well balanced adult dogs and with things like loose leash walking, to come when called, offer polite greetings when guests come over and to naturally offer behavioral downs without direction.

Boarding and Daycare with Training School

For those that need some extra help getting started or to refine a specific task; Camp Miracle Paws also offers a small home-based boarding and daycare with training camp for canine students to stay, play and learn!

Our dog camp is located in West Anderson off of Hwy 24 and New Hope Rd and sprawls over two acres and is action packed with small challenges that helps boost dogs confidence and how to follow direction.

We help dogs learn how to do things like walking on a loose leash, wait at doors and to chill out and relax. And, we work with dog parents so they all know how to reinforce the training techniques at home.

Stay and Play, Over-Night Boarding

Whether your dog is part of our stay and play programs or participates in one of our training programs, we provide a relaxing and social atmosphere at our home based camp in west Anderson, SC.

Our canine guests get just the right amount of enriching mental and physical stimulation and when its time to relax, our climate controlled lounge room is set up with sofas, beds, TV’s and tasty treats.

When its time for sleep, each guest is assigned a private 5×5 stall that is comfortably equipped with a bed, smooth jazz music and endless water.


Two Dog Training Locations..

Dog Obedience Training Group and Private Classes: Centrally located, our new fun and spacious Training Studio is set up for action packed fun and learning for families and their dogs! Our trainers blend fun, games and obedience training into our training classes.

1716 Pearman Dairy Rd Suite D Anderson, SC 29626

Home-Based Boarding and Daycare with Training Camp: Our home based dog boarding and daycare with obedience training camp is perfect for those dogs that need help getting started or to refine a specific task. This beautiful rand sprawling residential camp is only minutes from downtown Anderson, Clemson University, Seneca, I85 and Hartwell, GA.

2005 Karen Ln Anderson, SC