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For the best learning experience; we offer private lessons with dogs and their owners. And, once your team is ready, you can consider enrolling in our high stimulating social group workshops that are currently being held every other Saturday at our enrichment training center and in pet friendly places,

  • we give dogs and the people who love them the very best head start in their new journeys together as a family
  • our trainers help dog owners learn how to naturally blend relaxation and obedience oriented skills by making a few simple lifestyle changes into their daily regimen so the dog learns to instinctively offer desirable behaviors
  • dogs will learn to instinctively offer desirable behaviors like recall and to sit and lie down as a natural go to behavior at home and in pet friendly places
  • we Train Between The Ears and dog owners will learn how to effectively communicate with their dogs that are dealing with behavioral problems like anxiety, over stimulation and reactivity
  • we offer simple and effective modern day methods that fixes behavioral issues by reshaping the way the dog feels about scary or threatening things that they see or hear vs using old traditional pressure oriented obedience training techniques that place bandaids on the issue at best and most will typically require ongoing maintenance

Play and Train Day Camp Programs

Dogs that make the best fit for social group settings will accepted into our play and train camper programs at our enrichment center on McGee Rd. Dogs get dropped off in the mornings were they will spend their day(s) getting just the right blend of mental and physical stimulation while socializing and having a sniffing good time with a few other good natured friends.

By Appointment Only

Due to the nature of what we do; we require completed registration forms, meet & greet interviews & appointments for all newcomers.

Camp Miracle Paws offers private lessons and group workshops for dogs and their owners that are fun, informative and effective!

We also offer an enriching day school program that is a beneficial way to fulfill your dogs mental and physical dogs needs without over stimulating them.

Camp Miracle Paws day school programs are not a good fit for dogs that are; escape artists, over aroused, bullies/mounts other dogs, reactive, aggressive, cannot quickly settle into a confined setting for intermittent rest and sleep, or that eats things like mushrooms.

Owners with dogs that are not eligible to participate in our daycare camp can enroll their team in our private lesson programs and our trainers will teach you how to make some easy lifestyle adjustments that will help their dogs learn how to instinctively relax and offer desirable behaviors.

237 McGee Rd Anderson, SC 29625

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