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Non-Traditional Dog Obedience & Behavioral Training

Our trainers blend fun and small challenges for focused basic, intermediate and advanced learning opportunities. We help dogs and their owners build confidence and strengthen their relationship with our simple-to-reinforce training techniques that are easily transferable at home and in real world situations.

Our experienced trainers team up with owners to help dogs learn things like:

  • structured puppy play dates
  • crate and potty training, puppy raising 101
  • walk on a loose leash/heel/off leash
  • offer polite greetings when guests visit
  • not react to other dogs, people or distractions
  • sit, no jumping and come when called
  • lay down and chill when owners are ready to relax
  • turn off and on lights | tricks & agility for fun
  • retrieve target items | drinks from refrigerator
  • scent detection and alert
  • therapy | mobility | hearing alert dog training
  • public access | field trips, camping, boating & kayaking
  • relaxation therapy for shy, hyper & anxious dogs

Private Training Lessons 

Our experienced trainers will provide private and focused time with dogs and their human parents at our training studio, at our home based training camp and in appropriate public settings. And for those that prefer a more familiar setting, we can also accommodate appointments in the comforts of your home.


  • Pay as you go one hour lesson: 65.00 
  • 4- One hour lessons: 240.00
  • 4-One hour lessons and 4 One Hour Group Classes: 340.00

Travel costs will be added for in-home and public training appointments

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Small Group Classes


Our trainers blend fun and small challenges for basic, intermediate and advanced learning that have teams up and moving while learning our simple to reinforce training techniques that will be easily transferable at home and in real world situations.


  • Monday & Thursday Afternoons: 12:00-1:00
  • Monday, Wednesday & Thursday Evenings: 6:00-7:00
  • Wednesday & Thursday Evenings: 7:30-8:30
  • Friday Mornings: 11-12
  • Saturday Mornings: 11-12


All obedience classes and puppy play-dates are $25.00 each and are purchased in 6 or 12 packs.

  • Buy 6 Class Credits: $150.00
  • Buy 12 Class Credits | Get One Class for Free: $275.00

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Boarding and Daycare Training Camp

After a scheduled private lesson | evaluation consultation with the dog and their human parents- Dogs 12 weeks and older can stay, play and learn at our home-based boarding and daycare training camp that is action packed with enriching learning opportunities.

Our experienced service dog and pet trainers focus on helping dogs learn to properly engage with other dogs of like size and temperament and to be calm and relaxed when it is time for rest and sleep. All canine students begin learning their manners and to do things like how to walk on a loose leash, come when called , potty and crate training and a whole lot more!

Our camp sprawls over two acres and is action packed with small challenges that helps boost dogs confidence and how to follow direction.

All dog parents must register for a private departure lesson so they will learn how to reinforce the training techniques at home as training doesn’t end until the dog no longer requires direction.

Fee’s are on a pay as you go basis and will be discussed at the initial 65.00 consult. 

  • Day School: 55.00 -75.00 Per Day
  • Boarding School: 75.00 -125.00 Per Day
  • Add 4 group classes for an additional 100.00

All dogs over the age of seven months must have spent at least ten days in your home allowing the dog time to decompress and to allow new parents time to bond with their new companion. All new canine students must have at least two series of parvo vaccinations prior to being allowed to attend school at our home based training camp. **Puppies under five months old must also have a healthy vet check with a clean fecal test.

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Climate Controlled Indoor Dog Park

A safe place for you and your dog to come and play!

Camp Miracle Paws is ecstatic to be able to provide Anderson, South Carolina’s first climate controlled, in-door dog park that provides scheduled times throughout the week for a few dogs and their owners to come to a safe and happy environment were dogs have been pre-screened, are up to date with their vaccination records and can mingle and socialize.

Owners can use our equipment to have fun building confidence in both their handling skills and how to manage their dog in a social group setting.



In-Door Dog Park Play Dates

Puppies and Small Dogs 

  • Monday Mornings: 10:30-11:30
  • Tuesday Evenings 6:00-7:00
  • Saturday Mornings: 9:30-10:30

Dogs 6 Months and Up 

  • Monday Evenings: 6:00-7:00
  • Thursday Afternoon’s: 12:30-1:30
  • Saturday Afternoon’s 1:00-2:00


All one hour passes are $30.00 pay as you go or you can purchase packs of 6 for 150.00 or 12 for 275.00 that can be used for our obedience classes and or dog park passes.

Stay and Play, Over-Night Boarding

Whether your dog is part of our stay and play programs or participates in one of our training programs, we provide a relaxing and social atmosphere at our home-based camp in West Anderson, SC.

Our canine guests get just the right amount of enriching mental and physical stimulation and when its time to relax, our climate controlled lounge room is set up with sofas, beds, TV’s and tasty treats.

And when its time for sleep, each guest is assigned a private 5×5 stall that is comfortably equipped with a bed, smooth jazz music and endless water.

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Two Dog Training Locations..

Dog Obedience Training Group and Private Classes: Centrally located, our new fun and spacious Training Studio is set up for action packed fun and learning for families and their dogs! Our trainers blend fun, games and obedience training into our training classes.

1716 Pearman Dairy Rd Suite D Anderson, SC 29626

Home-Based Boarding and Daycare with Training Camp: Our home based dog boarding and daycare with obedience training camp is perfect for those dogs that need help getting started or to refine a specific task. This beautiful rand sprawling residential camp is only minutes from downtown Anderson, Clemson University, Seneca, I85 and Hartwell, GA.

2005 Karen Ln Anderson, SC