Pet Training

Enriching & Fun


Overnight Boarding and Daycare Enrichment Center

Whether your dog is part of our stay and play programs or participates in one of our training programs, we provide a relaxing and social atmosphere were our canine guests get just the right amount of enriching mental and physical stimulation.

Dog Obedience and Behavior Modification Training

We Coach Humans and We Train Canines!

Our training programs are designed for  dogs of all ages and for families to go at their own pace. Our training techniques are non-traditional, simple, calming, fun and effective!  

We can help you and your dog with things like loose leash walking, to stop jumping, come when you call for them, wait at doors, to get items from the fridge, to relax and more!

Our training programs are listed below and feel free to call us today to learn more about what options are best suited for you and your dog!

Private Classes

Parents and their dogs can schedule private classes at our new, spacious and action packed enrichment center were one of our experienced trainers will provide focused training classes at your own pace and convenience!

In-Home Private Classes

These classes are perfect for those that prefer the comforts of their own home or for those with puppies that do not have at least two sets of vaccinations.

Boarding and Daycare with Training 

Our trainers can provide jump start training or can refine desired skills with one of our boarding or daycare with training programs and then parents learn how utilize our simple to reinforce training techniques at home.

Group Dog Training Classes

We offer structured, fun and effective group classes for basic, intermediate and advanced learning for families and dogs of all ages: 

  • Our go at your own pace classes are perfect for those that need flexibility and are based on a set amount of material covered based on specific grade school levels, but the days and times are flexible, so you can progress at your own rate, you can skip classes, repeat the same classes to get a better grasp on specific behavioral or obedience tasks, and it’s always encouraged to mix classes up to include taking some fun classes like fitness, scent games, agility for fun and small group social engagement classes that will be in a controlled atmosphere, and you can attend classes on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule.
  • Our school curriculum classes are a set amount of material covered based on specific grade school levels but are scheduled in a series of classes that progress weekly at a pre-arranged time. Be sure to check to be sure you can make all of the classes before signing up for a linear class format.

Both options are purchased in six week class programs and each program fee is $155.00.


Our beautiful pet boarding, daycare and training camp is located in a country setting just steps away from our home in west Anderson, SC off of Hwy 24 and New Hope Rd that is minutes from downtown Anderson, Clemson University, Seneca, I85 and Hartwell, GA.

Our new spacious Dog Training Center is located at 1716 Pearman Dairy Rd Suite D Anderson, SC 29626